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FaVe Juice

A. was 8 months old when he suddenly decided to stop breastfeeding. This I have to blame on apple juice. Ever since we have been looking for a juice that is not only 100% natural but it is low in sugar. Not all sugars are bad since some come from the fruit itself.

As a mom I take great care of what my boys consume. We mostly drink water, milk and teas but like to sometimes indulge on juice (apple and grape juices are banned in this house).  We’ve tried so many different brands and I can honestly say that we have found our new favorite: FaVe Juice.

Fave Juice

FaVe is 100% fruit and vegetable juice, kind of like V8 but not so concentrated (which I seriously can’t stand). FaVe Juices offer some benefits that have never before been available to juice drinkers:

  • THREE full daily servings of vegetables per 8 oz. glass!
  • 60 calories per 8 oz.
  • 100% natural: NO artificial ingredients and NO added sweeteners.

So not only do you get your required daily serving of vegetables in an 8 oz glass of 100% natural jucie but you get 60 calories out of it! Couldn’t get any better, huh? Well it does! Looking at the table* below and you’ll see that they are the healthiest choice for you and your family.


FaVe sent us their 3 flavors of FaVe Juice: Pomegranate Blueberry Goji, Orange Tangerine Pineapple, and Strawberry Banana Kiwi. See the photo below? That  is the look I got from my son! He was so happy and in awe that we got juice in the mail!! He was instantly jumping up and down and so excited! It was simply precious!

Looks Like Christmas!

If I am a coffeeoholic, A. is a juiceoholic! He loves juice like you have no clue. Water makes his tummy sick. Milk, forget it. Milk only goes well with chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, and waffles.

J. really didn’t care much since he is a milkoholic. But he did drink it a couple of times and asked for another cup, which by his standards means that the juice was delicious!!

I barely got a single sip from every flavor. Mister A. seriously loved the juices! His favorite was the strawberry banana kiwi, loved it! I can say that the  pomegranate blueberry goji was his least favorite (but still good enough to be gone in less than 2 days). My favorite was the orange tangerine pineapple. Oh so good and fresh.

I truly appreciate that the juices are not super sweet. They have their hint of sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm the juice. V8 juices are so concentrated you can barely enjoy them. FaVe makes every flavor stand out. When you are drinking the strawberry banana kiwi you can taste all 3 of the flavors. At the end of every gulp you get that zing from the kiwi. Same with the other 2 juices.

I can say that we are true FaVe Juice fans. Specially since my boys tend to be picky eaters, knowing that their drinks give them the nutrition they refuse to ingest puts my mind at rest. They are, hands down, the best juice ever!

– GET IT –

FaVe Juice will soon be out in the market, so keep your eyes out!!
If you’d like for your grocery store to carry FaVe Juice print this letter and drop it off at your local grocery store!



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