Care For Our World {Book Review}

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We all know that reading to our kids is essential for their development. Books let them imagine and create. They teach them the world that surrounds them.

Recently I came upon Compendium Incorporated, a great company that lets people express themselves through inspiring gift products. Be it for your wedding , just because, or for your kids, that special gift you are looking for is waiting for you at Compendium Inc.

Compendium Inc. sent my boys this brand new book called Care For Our World, by Karen Robbins.

Care For Our World

“Care for our world, for you and for me, for all living things from mountain to sea.”

Author Karen Robbins’ delightful words and illustrator Alexandra Ball’s captivating images combine to inspire children to care for the earth they call home: a timely reminder of the responsibility every generation shares to nurture and respect life in all its many forms.*

Book play set

There might be abetter word to describe this but the book is written in a rhythmic way that keeps kids interested on what will be said next. The story is simple to keep their minds into, to make them wonder.

J. loves animals (from afar) and bugs (up close). This silly boy will squat down and and get nose to nose with every single ant he encounters. A., on the other hand, is all about stomping on tiny creatures. Just get them away from him! But after we read this book he is more careful. He will take his time to let us know there is a daddy long legs crawling up my bedroom door instead of throwing his shoe at it.

This book has taught him to take care of his world. To be respectful to every single living creature that inhabits it. Now, we just have to work on wasting water while he washes his hands. Little steps, I guess. Little steps.

Care For Our World play set

The book we received was part of a play set which includes dozens of punch-out animals and a keepsake habitat box. The punch-out animals are every single one of the animals mentioned in the book as well as the boy and girl in the story which makes for a more interactive way of reading, or playing!

J. playing with punch-out animals

The cut outs are made of high quality cardboard which seriously impressed my husband (he seriously said, and I quote, “Wow! These are high quality!”). Of course they are not unbreakable. Give a 2 year old boy 5 minutes and he will figure out a way to bend the trees. Mister J. made it his task to almost break them all.

I truly recommend this book. It will teach our kids to take care of the world we all live in.

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Care For Our World play set $34.95
Care For Our World book $16.95


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* Excerpt taken off Compendium Inc.’s website.

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  • Lindsey Aylward
    June 18, 2012

    This is such a cute book! My son would love all the figures! I’m sure he would break them all just like Mister J. Thanks for sharing 🙂