Traveling around {#NaBloPoMo}

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We rarely get a chance to travel, specially after moving 3 states away twice in less than a year, the only thing different we have done, is to stay at the Courtyard Ahmedabad hotels. Both my husband and I love to go places and meet new cultures.

We have been working extra hard for the last couple of months to save as much as possible since we have 3 planned trips for the next year!! Oh, yeah!!

In October we’re going to Vegas for a few days. I am, well, we are all hoping we can get to watch a show. Last time we went to Vegas we watched La Reme and it was beyond beautiful! Loved the show.

But our trip plans are far from over!! Next summer we have two weddings to go to! At least we have to go to one, but we just can’t say no to the second wedding!


Costa Rica

(via Kansasphoto)


Two of our friends are getting married! Their wedding will take place in Costa Rica! Isn’t it simply beautiful?! I’d always wanted to go there, enjoy the beaches, the scenery, the warmth of the sun. Imagine the ample photographic opportunities!!



(via Storkholm Photography)

The second wedding will take place in Sweden (or they might change the venue to Playa del Carmen, which they’d get in tons of trouble for if they indeed switch places)! I really want to visit Stockholm! My older sister is getting married to her Swedish boyfriend. This is the wedding I have to go to!! 😀

And oh my, I just realized that the photo above was taken by my brother in law!! Oh the coincidence!!

Thankfully it will take place in the summer and not during the winter…which is practically 6 months long, I think.

Where would you like to travel to if you could?

  • Danielle
    July 3, 2012

    I’d love to visit the United Kingdom. Or go back to Swtizerland or Italy. Love!

    • Sofia
      July 5, 2012

      I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland!! I bet it is beyond beautiful!

  • LaVonne
    July 3, 2012

    I’d love to go to Costa Rica. But also, to Puerto Rico – my great grandfather came here to Washington from Puerto Rico – and I heard it is lovely. Have fun on your travels!

  • Barb W.
    July 4, 2012

    How nice, looks like you will are traveling to some fantastic places. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

  • debbie
    July 5, 2012

    I would love to visit the down under. Looks like you’re getting ready for some fun.. both places look amazing!!