Best 4th of July {#NaBloPoMo}

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Being from another country I never celebrated the 4th of July but ever since I move to the US I have tagged along on the celebration. I’ve been living in the US for about 5 years now but I must say that last years’ was my favorite Independece Day.

We decided to go to Longview, WA, where my mother in law was born and raised. We arrived around noon and played at the playground for a while. A. was 3 and J was 1.5 so he was still a little sir.

We walked around the (huge) park and visited the booths there. Ty found this two amazing African masks that are now hanging on one of my entry hall walls.

The firework show was great, one of the best I’ve ever seen. But what made the day awesome, at least for me, was:




I got to hold a beautiful red macaw!! Some guy was walking his macaw pet around the park and I simply had to ask if I could snap a photo with the macaw.

My grandma used to have a macaw at her house. She was a green ol’cranky parrot! Hated girls, loved all the boys in the family. But I never got to hold her…I did get chased by her once…thanks to my mom who tried to cut her claws.

So I simply had to hold the macaw!!

Isn’t it a beauty?!


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