Fragrance {#NaBloPoMo}

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  1. A pleasant, sweet smell.
  2. A perfume or aftershave.
Synonyms: fragrancy – aroma – perfume – scent – odour – odor




Breathe deep. What does it smell like? To me, it smells like freshly brewed coffee (second pot of the day). The sun is out, the water is evaporating. Feels good. Smells great.

Summer finally decided to visit us for a while. For the looks of it summer might be here to stay.

Fragrances are attached to memories. A  simple whiff can bring back a moment in our past that we closely cherish.

I grew up surrounded by hot weather and rain storms (not like the ones in the NW but real, harsh, storms that flood the roads in about 20 minutes). The smell of rain makes me feel at peace, it calms me down.

I also love the smell of freshly cut grass, specially if the grass is damp. I don’t know why, but it smells so good! It is pleasant, sweet. Makes me feel fresh and happy.

I also like tropical fragrances like pineapple, coconut, mango, peaches. Hmm papaya!! And even though I am more into the tropical and fruity smells I also like flowery ones, like the fragrance of a peony. Or rose water…


Yellow Roses


Every time I catch a whiff of rose water it reminds me of my mother. Ever since I can remember she uses it as part of her beauty regime. Every time I smell a rose it reminds me of her.


What is your favorite fragrance (or smell)?