What’s in a name? {#NaBloPoMo}

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My name is Ana Sofia but I prefer to go by Sofia…although I am starting to want to change it back to Ana, tee hee! According to Urban Dictionary this is what my name means:

Ana: A nice looking girl who is very intelligent! She’s sweet, caring and a fun person. Everybody wants to be her friend.

Sofia: A Stunning Brunette Of Mixed Origins. Slender Figure. Breath Taking Beauty. Strong Personality. Amazing Will Power But Slightly Insecure. Loves Colour And Wears It Alot. Always Has The Must-Have Item But Never Shows It Off. A Beautiful Person.


Actually, my name means:

Ana: it is Hebrew and is pronounce either AN-ah or AHN-ah . It means grace, favour. And in Indian it means elephant!!

Sofia: it is Greek for wisdom. Pronounced: so FEE ah; zo FEE ah


So if you put the meaning of my name together I am: graceful/favoured wisdom…or wise elephant! I think I prefer to be a wise elephant, sounds waaaaay cooler!


Ana Sofia


How did my name come to be?

My dad always liked the name Tatiana and wanted to name me so so bad, but thankfully my mom said no way! I have nothing against the name, I do like it but my aunts and uncles started calling me Tatis before I was even born so it was soon scratched off the list.

After some thought my parents settled on Sofia. But it all changed after my first visit to the doctor who right away asked my parents: “Ana Sofia, right?”. My parents liked it and it stuck!

Funny Fact: The doctor that delivered both my parents delivered my older sister, my brother, and me! And we were all born in the same hospital! Woo hoo!!


So that’s me, the wise elephant who never forgets!


What does your name mean?

  • Jennifer
    July 11, 2012

    Okay, so this doesn’t exactly answer your question but – There was a fight about my name before I was born. My dad wanted my name to be Christine Jennifer LastName, but my mom wanted it to be Jennifer Christine LastName. When I was born, the debate still wasn’t settled so for a day or so I had no name. On the day they were being discharged, my dad had to run home from the hospital to get things ready at the house. While he was gone, a representative from the hospital stopped to get the information for the birth certificate. My mom told them my name was Jennifer Christine. My dad wasn’t happy about it, but decided if they had another girl they would name her Christine. Then my uncle used the name 2 years later for his daughter. My poor dad never got to use the name he liked! But it’s weird now knowing that my first name could have been Christine instead of Jennifer, if my dad hadn’t left the hospital when he did.

    • Sofia
      July 11, 2012

      That was funny, life has its silly ways, huh?!

  • Heidi
    July 11, 2012

    My name Heidi is derived from Hildegaarde who was my great grandmother. My middle name Anne is shared by my mom and sister, too.

    • Sofia
      July 11, 2012

      I like your name! Heidi Anne….has a nice flow to it!