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Nature’s Sleep Slippers {Review/Giveaway}



This might be a little bit TMI or it might simply fall into why-are-you-telling-me-this but, my feet, specially my toes, do not get the best circulation they could get. Even during the hot summer days I walk around my house with socks (or slippers). I am not kidding. If I do not, they turn a dark color, like they have a bruise. It is the most weird think.

Like I said, I usually wear socks and this is why I loved them so but I have come to realize that slippers can be even better than socks in so many ways! They are fuzzy, cute, cute, and I don’t face plant on my kitchen while either chasing my kids or pretending to dance.

Recently I received a pair of Nature’s Sleep open toe slippers, and since I like purple so much I got a pait of lavender slippers (since they were the closest hue to purple).


Lavender slippers


Slipper Features:


  • High quality Genuine Nature’s Sleep Next Generation Memory Foam. My feet have never been so comfy! Slippers definitely beat socks now!

  • Provides pressure relieving comfort all day long. The slippers I got to review where size M since my shoe size is 8-8.5. At first they felt tight but this was due to them being brand new. Once my feet’s pressure points where embedded to the memory foam they felt great.
  • Naturally conforms to your foot in cool comfort. Memory foam conforms to your body’s shape and weight bearing areas, which then reduces the pressure points, in this case, on your feet.
  • Distributes weight to reduce pressure points and improve circulation.
  • Ideal for indoor use on multiple surfaces. Thanks to the sole of the slippers you can chase your kids around your house without tripping and slipping as you try to turn! Or, if you prefer, you can do a silly dance without face planting!
  • Attractive style and look. Nature’s Sleep has two different slipper models: open toe and closed toe.

    open toe slippers


    Before I got the Nature’s Sleep slippers I used to have a pair of Broncos slippers. After so many days of non-stop wear they are now broken. But I am glad I have a brand new pair of slippers!! They are comfortable, cute, they fit perfectly, and no matter how long my day was, my slippers make me feel better once I put them on.



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