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As a renter, and home owner who doesn’t live in her own house, I try my best to leave the walls untouched. This cannot be said about my husband who loves to put up all of his IKEA glass boards everywhere we go. They leave 4 huge holes the size of a penny…and we have 3 up right now, so you do the math. OK, maybe the holes are not that big, but they are still there!

The holes are made, which I know they can be patched and repainted, so I understand it’s not that big of deal. Plus, it won’t be me the one fixing them. 😉  I just want to save us some time, elbow grease, and effort once it is time to move on from this rental.

So, on my search for a way to hang my photos I came upon Phototrax. Phototrax is a front-loading photo display system which, to me, is even better than a photo frame!


Phototrax photo system


The Phototrax photo system consists of 4 plastic ‘frames’ which are lightweight and either black or white. Each ‘frame’ fits 3 4×6 photos but could easily be modified to fit 5×6 photos.


Phototrax and adhesive


Phototrax is super easy to install. Simply adhere the double sided tabs to each Trax, one on each corner, and press firmly onto the wall. They can only be installed horizontally since if you do it otherwise, well, the photos will slide all the way to the floor, which beats the whole purpose. Maybe Phototrax will come up with a little piece that snaps to the ends so the photo system can be used vertically as well.


Phototrax chosen wall


It took me a few days to figure out where to put my Phototrax. I first wanted them in my office which was over taken by Tyler. Then I thought of our bedroom, but all the walls are way too spacious for them which would make the tracks look out of place and way too small. Then I thought of this lonesome wall with a tiny hole and some smudges…WINNER!!


Phototrax installed


The most challenging part is making sure the Phototraxs are leveled to the floor. Luckily I did pretty well by my own…they are also evenly spaced! I guess all those hours wasted on hand-free drawing lines in college finally paid out! Those hours felt like preschool and working on patterns, only 10 times more annoying and frustrating.


Phototrax with photos


The other challenging part was picking the right photos. And as you can see they are olddies! This is what happens when you choose a 5×6 print for your kids photos, oh well.

I’ve always wanted to have a wall full of photos of family and friends since to both Tyler and me are the foundation of our family. This wall will be called “The Wall of Fame Shame” and will be at the entry of our house for everyone who steps into our house can see it!

Phototrax has made this possible….at least stage 1 of my soon-to-be infamous wall. All I need now is more Phototraxs and current photos of all those we love!! And for $12.99, I’, getting more than 3 😉


Phototrax with different photos


And once I get tired of looking at the same faces for awhile I can simply change them out for a new photo without having to remove the whole photo system (phew)! Saves me time, elbow grease, and effort!


Phototrax on wall

Phototrax photos and hallway masks


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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the Hosting Company who graciously provided the product for me to review.

  • Amanda Taylor @ Survival Guide by The Working Mom
    July 26, 2012

    I wish I was this crafty. When I moved into my house, I hung pictures on pre existing nails. haha

  • krystle
    July 26, 2012

    What a great idea! I love that it is easy to switch them out. It would be a great way to mix up your decor for each season

  • Susan McNeill
    August 15, 2012

    I love this idea! I have so many photos and this is a great way to display them!