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StoryLeather Custom Made iPhone Case

With two boys, a husband, and an iPhone life is more than complete. Yes, I loved my iPhone until it decided it was time to part ways. At least the battery did…or something fried, or maybe it was all due to the trip down the toilet a year ago. I dunno. The case is I have no phone so keeping my husband’s safe is of great importance. This is his 2nd, and my iPhone was my very first (and he was refurbished). So I set myself hunting for a cool iPhone case and I came upon StoryLeather who sent me a gorgeous custom made leather phone case.

StoryLeather Gold leather case

Leather? Check. Gold? Check. For your husband? Yeah…no! I did get it for his phone but, see, his phone is technically mine since I was supposed to get an iPhone upgrade first but his phone decided to die on him so he had to buy another one. I tell you, refurbished phones are even better than brand new ones! His lasted 2 years, mine 3 and a trip to the toilet!

So, since his phone is my phone…and whatever is his is mine and what is mine I can let him borrow every now and then, I chose a gold case! Every girl needs her bling, right? 


StoryLeather iPhone Case

The case is pretty sturdy and seems pretty durable. What I like the best is how hard the casing is. I had to fight with it to get the iPhone in which truly like. I have two boys and they love anything made by Apple, being the iPhone and iPad their favorite. Our phones, and even the tablet, had made some trips to the floor already…one too many in my opinion. So having a case that is going to hold the iPhone in if it were to, say, be flung across the room onto my bed without parting ways with is great.


StoryLeather iPhone Case

StoryLeather iPhone Case

I don’t know if the iPhone case was designed to be used as a small stand but I love the way when you open the phone and slide the top to the back the little tooth on the case works like a little stand! This can be used to keep the phone next to you, or when you are reading emails or a recipe. I love it. Pretty ingenious.


StoryLeather iPhone Case

StoryLeather also sent me this gorgeous orange leather iPhone 4 case for one of you lucky birds! This case is valued at $49.99 and is simply beautiful.

It has the exact flip design as the quilted case seen above it simply has a more simpler look. And like all StoryLeather products, this phone case has been beautifully handmade! I would have never thought, but it is great to know that a set of hands created such a great product that is not only durable but unique and stunning as well.

Yup, I truly like these StoryLeather cases!

StoryLeather iPhone Case

StoryLeather iPhone Case

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Orange iPhone Case: ARV $45.99

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StoryLeather iPhone Case


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15th August 2012

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    I love the gold one you reviewed, it reminds me so much of a Chanel quilted bag!

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      @Krystle if you win the giveaway I’ll send you the gold one instead!!

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    I like the Blue Acer Iconia Tab A500 Genuine Leather Full Cover Case. The iPad is so slippery!!

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    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

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