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{Family Fun} Walk The Dogs Game

Mister A. is getting to the age where he can play board games. Of course, there is no way he would make it through a game of Monopoly, I can’t even bare half an hour of it! But he truly enjoys spending time together while playing a cool new board game.


Walk The Dogs Game

A few days ago Simply Fun sent us a great game for review, Walk The Dogs. The premise of the game is extremely simple, and although it is geared for kids 6 and up, with some minor tweaks, this game can easily be enjoyed by a younger crowd. My oldest, A., is 4 and he LOVES this game!!


Walk The Dogs Game

This game is easy to understand, follow, and enjoy.

To get this game started you first have to mix all the puppies in the bag. Without cheating, place all the dogs in a line facing the same way. We found that doing a squiggly line on our table was an easy way to fit them all on the table.

Each player has to collect dogs from the front or back of the line. This is decided by drawing and playing cards. Just beware of the dog catcher who may steal some of your favorite dogs. In order to win, collect five of the same breed in a row, or have the most dog points in your own line. Woof!


Walk The Dogs

What breeds come in the game?
This was also a fun part of the game!! Guessing the breads. But we’ll give you a hand…each games include: Poodle, Pug, Brittany Spaniel, Shitzu, Scottish Terrier, Golden Retriever, and Pomeranian. And want to know what’s even better…they’re all rescue dogs!


Walk The Dogs Game

I must say that the game is pretty entertaining, even Tyler decided to join A. and I for a few rounds. A.’s favorite part of the game is setting the puppies on the table. He could do that for hours!

When playing with little kids, younger than 6, I would recommend to remove the leash, bone, and catcher cards. It just makes the game easier to understand. The bone card goes to the player with the least dogs; the catcher card allows the owner to take the longest chain of dogs from another player, while the leash card lets you take any one dog from either the back or front of another player’s line.

We started by removing only the catcher. Wrong move. We should’ve removed the leash as well!! Huge fit I got when I used it against A., he just didn’t really understand why I would do it. He cared very little what the card was meant to be used for. So, just to make the game easier and fun for young kids, remove the extra cards!!


Walk The Dogs Game

All in all A. loves the game. He loves the puppies even more! He will go to the closet and he’ll set the game on the table and get it all ready for us to play. There are times where him and J. will play with the dogs by themselves. Other times they separate the dogs and divide them between each other.

This is a most have board game that could bring you and your family hours of fun!


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Walk The Dogs


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