Places to visit: Whatcom Falls Park

Whatcom Falls Park is not only one of the most beautiful parks in Bellingham, but it so happens to be a favorite of mine. The park is nestled within the city limits, but with the vast amount of greenery and nature you will surely feel like you are miles away.


Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls ParkPlaces to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

The park is 241-acres (0.98 km2) of greenery, trees, shrubbery, trails, and Whatcom Creek, which runs through the park.

Not only is the park surrounded by nature but it also includes:

    • Fishing ponds
    • Tennis courts
    • Athletic fields
    • Picnic tabels
    • Two play grounds


Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls ParkPlaces to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

There are two parking lots in the park, each with their own playground and indoor and outdoor picnic areas. The main entrance is located on 1401 Electric Ave, while the lower entrance is on Silver Beach Road, off Lakeway Drive.

If you enjoy fishing, Whatcom Falls Park has not only a fishing pond, but it also has its very own trout hatchery!


Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

The fishing pond is open starting from the last Saturday of April to October 31st. It is open only for children 14 and under!

Visiting the hatchery is a trip on itself. There are 5 different pools with many fish going through different growth stages. If you have little kids make sure to take them to see the trout, it is great seeing how excited they get when they see fish in a pool! Silly, but adorable. The fishing pond is just behind the hatchery. If you follow the track, to your right, you will reach the off leash dog park area.


Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

The trails are easy to find thanks to the many friendly signs that will show you where to go. The 5 1/2 miles of trails intertwine around Whatcom Creek, featuring beautiful scenery, waterfalls, and a stone bridge.

The Whatcom Falls Park trails connect with Bloedel Donovan Park at Whatcom Lake.


Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls ParkPlaces to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

Going south from the hatchery, or from the central parking area, the sound of water will surely attract you. Follow the roar and you will find yourself walking through a paved path that leads to a beautiful sandstone bridge. The bridge is a beautiful vestige of Chuckanut sandstone built in 1939 as a project of the Roosevelt-sponsored Works Progress Administration.

But what sets Whatcom Falls Park appart from all the other parks in Bellingham is the four sets of waterfalls that beat in the middle of the city! It isn’t just called Whatcom Falls for nothing, right!?


Places to Visit // Whatcom Falls Park

Whirlpool Falls is well known in town. This is the place to go if you are an adventure seeker. The falls are only about ten feet in height but the cliff next to it reaches about 30 feet high. This spot in the park is where you will often find, summer or not, swimmers jumping off the cliffs. Believe me, I have encountered a few crazies doing the jumps. Like, for example, my husband and his friends the day before one of the guy’s wedding day.

Jumping or swimming at the Whirlpool Falls was outlawed* a few years back. The city gave up regulating the area after swimmers ignored the warning signs and fences to keep them off the falls.

If you are ever in Bellingham, make sure to stop at Whatcom Falls Park. Bring comfortable shoes, water, and a camera. You will not regret this!!



On June 10, 1999, the Olympic Pipeline ruptured in the park near Whatcom Creek, leaking 237,000 US gallons (897 m³) of gasoline into the creek. The massive amount of fuel was inadvertently ignited and the resulting explosion burned significant forest land within the park. A young man and two boys died as a result of this tragedy. {via Wikipedia}

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