Turbospoke and Motocross

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A few days back, back when Summer had just decided to stop and make a visit, we took the boys to the Lynden Fair to go see Monster Trucks! Loud noise and boys go hand in hand. And to add to the loudness to this house full of dudes we got prepared just in time with our very own Turbospoke!

Turbo-huh? That was the very thing to cross my mind when I heard about them! But, no fret, i am here to share my knowledge about Turbospoke.

From PDX with Love || Turbospoke

Turbospoke just happens to be the bicycle exhaust system that every boys’ bike needs!  It is small, it is awesome, it is LOUD! But in all honesty, if you have bike riding boys you are more than used to the non stop noise that surrounds them, so a Turbospoke won’t be any louder than they are on their own accord.

From PDX with Love || Turbospoke

When we took the boys to see the Monster Trucks I, personally, did not know there will be motocross bikes doing awesome acrobatics! To me they were even a greater show than the trucks themselves! Am I alone on this? Their roar is so loud and you can feel the tremble of their engines inside you! And then when they do the jump and let go of their bikes for a second your heart literally stops! It is AWESOME!


From PDX with Love || Turbospoke



I remember telling the family that I wouldn’t mind if the boys would ever want to get into motocross and do jumps. Everyone turned pale and said no in unison! They broke my bubble…to me NASCAR is even worse than jumping off a ramp on your bike!

Thanks to Turbospoke, I can at least have the sound and its low rumble in my tummy. Oh well, you can’t have everything right?



From PDX with Love || Turbospoke

Turbospoke is based in beautiful Ireland. Even though they are so far away the package arrived fast (it surprised both Tom and I at how fast it went from Ireland to WA). The box the Turbospoke comes in is small in size which means less waste to be thrown away ( kudos guys!)

The design of the box screams boy to me! If you were to see this box at the store shelves you will be attracted to it; no doubt about it!


What is in the box

From PDX with Love || Turbospoke

  • Tool Kit. Everything you will need to start riding your bike in style is included in the box. There is no need to go looking all over town for the perfect size of anything. Of course, if you would prefer a more personalized exhaust, you are more than welcome to go buy some sharpies.
  • Exhaust. It looks like the real deal. The exhaust is designed to look like a motorbike’s. But it is not just for looks, the sounds actually travel through the pipe and come out louder!
  • Motorcards. Every Turbospoke comes with three motorcards: NASCAR, motocross, Formula 1. I personally prefer the motocross!
  • Clamp. The clamp securely holds the exhaust and the motorcard to your bike. And to help the exhaust, the clamp has been designed to enhance the sound!
  • Stickers. Each kit has its set of stickers. You can make your very own design that best fits you! Of course you can also choose not to use them or to add some marker designs to the exhaust.


What did we think?

As soon as I found out about Turbospoke I had to show A. what it was all about and of course, like any noise-loving boy, he was more than excited to be getting one in the mail!

Soon after the box came in the mail the tools, the bike, and the pieces came out. I think the directions stayed in the box though.

Stickers were soon applied and man was that boy ever ready to go for a bike ride!

From PDX with Love || Turbospoke

We came up with a problem. Silly mommy didn’t realize that the Turbospoke is for 16″ bikes and larger and not for 14″ ones. We installed it since the boys thought it was so cool. Every piece fits perfect but the tire is so small (by 2 inches) that we couldn’t use the motorcards.

Since the Turbospoke has to be installed on the rear tire and due to A. still riding with his training wheels we had to take one off. We noticed that the Turbospoke only weighs 7.5 ounces it was just heavy enough to make his bike lean to the left. But there should be no problem to those who have the balancing act perfected.


From PDX with Love || Turbospoke

Due to the size of my son’s bike we had to install the exhaust system on my mine…what a bummer, huh!?


From PDX with Love || TurbospokeFrom PDX with Love || Turbospoke

I must confess, though, that I haven’t had a chance to stroll down the neighborhood with my tricked bike since I barely have time to do anything (like shower). So I decided to let my 4 year old son do a review video for me instead! Hey, he is way cuter than I am. Make sure to see his reactions, from all seriousness to two thumbs up.



Turbospoke from Sofia Byrd on Vimeo.


As you can see, that little boy loves Turbospoke! He gave it two thumbs up (he would have given even more if he had them).

All in all, Turbospoke is amazingness. As soon as we get A. a bigger bike he will get the exhaust back. I promise to look for the yellow tie that I misplaced…somewhere. I had it a few days back! Argh….mommy brain is at it again!

And to share just how awesome Turbospoke is, the master minds behind Turbospoke are offering 4 exhaust systems to 4 lucky readers of From PDX with Love!

So what are you waiting for?! Keep reading to find out where to get your own (Christmas is just around the corner!) and how to enter to win one!


– GET IT –

Find Turbospoke ($RV23)  in a store near you!



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Four (4) lucky readers of From PDX with Love will each win a Turbospoke!

From PDX with Love //  Turbospoke



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