Why I love Autumn

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I love Autumn. Growing up Autumn meant rain. And lots of it. But not the kind of rain the Pacific Northwest gets. Compared to Guadalajara, rain here is more like a little drizzle. Back home, rain meant old school beetles floating on flooded street (who even designed that one road specifically was a dumb nut).

Washington’s Autumn is close to what it is back home. Both places get rain. But due to the difference in foliage and temperatures here in the Northwest you actually see the leaves change color. I find this extremely beautiful. It is not your New England Autumn but it is close.


Reasons why I love Autumn

Reasons are many. Let me share them with you.

    • Apples. Picking. Cider. Pies. Apple butter.
    • Candles. Turn off the lights and light some candles.
    • Hot chocolate. Without marshmallows for me, please.
    • Early Grey with a splash of lemon.
    • Chilly wind playing with your hair.
    • Sweaters. Of all colors, styles, and sizes.
    • Scarves. My favorite accessory ever.
    • Gloves. Gotta keep my fingers warm!
    • Socks. Ankle socks, short socks, knee high socks. Cute, colorful, and even, at times, my husband’s!
    • Food. Warm soups. Stuffing. Pies. Cakes. Chocolate chip cookies.
    • Fireplaces. Sitting by the fire reading a book.
    • Rain. I can stare at the rain for hours. It reminds me of home. Plus, once the rain is over it smells so good outside!
    • Smells. Love the way Autumn smells (at least in our small city). It is so fresh.
    • Cuddling with my boys.
    • Wardrobe. Boots, long sleeves, ponchos.
    • Halloween. Who doesn’t like to go trick or treating?!
    • Thanksgiving. Love having the family together and watching my husband baking the turkey.


But what I love the most is the colors in Nature:

From PDX with Love // Why I love AutumnFrom PDX with Love // Why I love AutumnFrom PDX with Love // Why I love AutumnFrom PDX with Love // Why I love AutumnFrom PDX with Love // Why I love AutumnFrom PDX with Love // Why I love Autumn

This is not something you see in Mexico so being able to have this surround me every day of Autumn is amazing. Just give me my camera and I’ll be a happy girl!! I could snap pictures of the same leaf for hours in the day! Hey, gotta try every single angle possible!

Soon Autumn will be giving way to Winter. Even cooler temperatures, (hopefully) snow, Christmas trees, lights, movies, and nights.

So tell us…


What do you love most about Autumn?


  • Natasha
    October 4, 2012

    These are the reasons I wish I was more northern…I live in FL so not much of your list is applicable. However I don’t have to deal with snow…so maybe it is ok ….right? I do love the cool fall air at night and in the morning – it is hot by 9am but the night and morning are just right.

    • Sofia
      October 4, 2012

      We rarely get snow here. I would prefer to get way more than we do. But instead we get rain which I am also OK with. Maybe we should plan an early Fall road trip to Boston so we can see the foliage change colors! Who’s in?!

  • maria @close to home
    October 4, 2012

    I live in Va and I love Fall although it has not been yet. we are getting an indian summer adn it is muggy. I do like adding a few more layers on and getting the kitchen started again.

    • Sofia
      October 4, 2012

      Gotta love the warmth of an oven! Specially if it has homemade bread or chocolate chip cookies baking!

  • Groovy Mamma
    October 4, 2012

    I love the beautiful colors of Autumn. I love how God shows His glory in nature during this time. Your pictures are amazing.

    • Sofia
      October 4, 2012

      Aww, thanks! I am too grateful to God for all he surrounds us with! Autumn is perfect! 😀

  • shelly
    October 4, 2012

    Cooler weather, pumpkin patches, apple butter, crunching leaves, photographing the colors; I love it all!

  • Alisha Kostiuk
    October 4, 2012

    My favorite thing about Autumn is pie making.

  • Jenn
    October 4, 2012

    Fall is my hands-down favorite time of year! My birthday, two of my kids’ birthdays, apple and pumpkin picking, Halloween, sweaters and boots, cool nights, bright, crisp days…oh, I could go on and on!

    • Sofia
      October 4, 2012

      I second the motion: Fall is the best season!

  • Alaina Bullock
    October 4, 2012

    Beautiful pictures! I love Autumn for all of those reasons, but especially because of the cooler, not cold, weather, the colors and because of Halloween!!

  • Lindsay Baker
    October 4, 2012

    What beautiful photos! I love autumn for the crispness in the air and getting to wear wool sweaters again 🙂

  • jheylo
    October 4, 2012

    that’s exactly the same reason why I love autumn 🙂

  • HilLesha
    October 5, 2012

    Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons. 🙂

  • Susan McNeill
    October 22, 2012

    apple picking, haunted hayrides, Halloween Horse Shows… too much fun !