Picnic on a Friday

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Yesterday, for most part of the afternoon, we went to my mother in law’s company picnic. We had tons of fun! We had sushi and burgers and hot dogs and chips and what both Ty and I called virgin mojitos (good but too sweet).

There was a pie eating contest which I did not take part. I mean, come on, somebody had to take photos!! And talking of which, I might get in tons of trouble for this but here it goes:

It looked like tons of fun!

I’ve never been in any kind of eating contest. I guess I’d always loose. You see, I like to take my time while I eat. I like to enjoy my food and not to engorge my self as fast as I can! This is something else that drives Ty crazy. (I should write a post or a list or something about all the things that I do that drive Ty crazy! Sounds like so much fun, hehe! What do you guys think?!)…

A decided to give bubbles a try…

There were bubbles and small beach balls for the kids. A loved it! He has this thing for bubbles and always tries to blow them himself but puts the plastic thingy too close to his mouth so no bubbles. He got 4 yesterday though which made him really happy! Don’t you just love it when your kid does something and you can see how proud they are of themselves!? It is so amazing!

And the most fun of the day was the water fight!! There were tons of water guns, little ones, medium ones and huge ones! And Ty squirt me on the face making my glasses fall to the ground which unfortunately did not break (I really want to get contacts!). I was drenched! Even my panties were soaking wet! But it was so much fun!! Of course I got him back for it…but his gun worked better than mine.

We all really had tons of fun, even Jaco who got to walk around and visit with Grandma and meet new people and play with his own squirt gun and eat cupcakes!

You guys have no idea how many times I had to write ‘picnic’ on this post!

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