Life lessons our kids teach us

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Kids live freely, without hesitation. They love life and are eager to learn. Their curiosity trumps that of cats. They are happy little people who can teach us lots of things.

  • Spontaneity. Kids don’t have plans, whatever they do simply happens.
  • Active. You see them running up and down the hall or at the park. Or jumping off the walls. And jumping like a bunny. They are on the go all the time!
  • Open minded. Their minds are open to the world’s wonders. They are eager to take it all in and learn as much as they can.
  • Laugh and move on. When something unexpected happens, kids laugh it off and move on.
  • Mistakes. Kids are so not afraid of making mistakes! Their curiosity helps them examine what went wrong.
  • Imagination. Give a kid a box or a stick and he will be entertained for hours! My kids are proof of this one, lately their favorite toy is an empty diaper box they use as a car and push each other around the house (ok, A pushes J and I have to push A around).
  • Improvisation. Kids don’t let fear rule their lives. They dive head first and improvise on the way.
  • Imitation. Kids observe others and learn from them.
  • Play. This is the way kids learn. Play time is fun time.
  • Creativity. Kids figure out stuff on their own helping them discover how things work.
  • Feelings. Kids are not afraid to show how they feel.
  • Enthusiasm. As soon as their little feet touch the ground next to their beds they are on the move, happy to start a new day.
  • Curiosity. They ask a lot of questions. They want to know it all and are not afraid to ask.
  • Honesty. Kids are open minded and wear their feelings on their faces, they will tell you what they think all the time.


Like I once said before…When I grow up I want to be just like my kids: free, happy, playful, spontaneous, crazy

What have your kid(s) taught you?

  • Emily K
    August 23, 2010

    This is so true! What a great post. Thanks for the follow, I am following back now.

  • Samantha
    August 23, 2010

    So true. B always asks what’s the big hurry. My kids are reminding me to slow down and that other things can wait, taking time to watch them can’t.
    My favorite thing thought is seeing the world all over again through the eyes of a 3 year old. Every time an airplane flies over it’s like seeing a magical creature. things like that are amazing.
    Great post, makes me want to go squeeze my girls