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Treasures Worldwide: Weston Leather Wallet

Treasures Worldwide Treasures Worldwide is the place to go for that unique gift you’ve been looking for. And with Christmas just around the corner, well, you will find the perfect gift for everyone of your loved ones! Don’t believe me? Well, let me give you a taste of all the amazing items they have to offer:

Treasures Worldwide Leather Wallet

Top right to left:
Travel Pouch and Passport Cover // Framed Business Card Case
Bottom right to left:
Brunello Wine Tote // Entertaining Journal Brights Leather


Not only do they have the products shown above but they also offer picture frames, photo albums, handbags, and unique glassware! If it is unique that you are looking for, then look no further than Treasures Worldwide!

Weston Leather Wallet

Weston Leather is a company that specializes in high-quality leather products. They have anything from wallets, to brag books, frames, and albums. Treasure Worldwide was kind to send me a Weston Leather Travel Wallet for me to review!!

leather wallet is a must have for me. Why? Well, they are stylish, they are easy to clean, and they look great. I’ve had all types of wallets from fabric, to pleather, to some weird nylonish material, and leather. Once I bought a leather wallet I stuck with it!

So far I have two: a red one and a black one. My red wallet I got at a thrift store for a dollar!! Treasures Worldwide sent me the black leather travel wallet!! :D


From PDX with Love // Treasures Worldwide Leather Wallet

This leather wallet is simple in looks, yet elegant. At a 4″ x 9″ in dimensions this could me categorized as a big wallet. Yes, it is big yet not bulky, which is always a super plus. With all the extra things that we women seem to accumulate in our handbags through the course of our days (like hot wheels, rocks, sticks, little finds for treasure boxes, feathers, etc) we really don’t need a huge wallet to add to the bulk we already collect, right?!

The design was well thought. And even though this leather wallet seems extremely simple it is far from it. Let me show you what I mean:


From PDX with Love // Treasures Worldwide Leather Wallet

Theres a place for everything and I mean everything in this wallet!

  • 10 card compartments: 9 on the left side, one right on top of the coin pocket.
  • Coin pocket…this, on itself, is pretty cool.
  • 2 large compartments on the left side: great for bills, receipts, and your travel itinerary.
  • 4 large compartments on the right side: 3 of them have tabs and could be easily used for putting coupons in it!! Just a thought.
  • Zippered compartment. Great place to put your passport and any important documentation you might need while traveling.


From PDX with Love // Treasures Worldwide Leather WalletFrom PDX with Love // Treasures Worldwide Leather WalletFrom PDX with Love // Treasures Worldwide Leather Wallet

That said, this wallet is simple, elegant, practical, and slick. And even though you might fill every single compartment with all you need it will still fit in your handbag allowing more space for those extra rocks your kids just took out of your neighbor’s yard!

And to show you how great this leather wallet is….why not give one away to you! One lucky From PDX with Lover reader will get their very own Weston Leather Travel Wallet!!



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From PDX with Love // Treasures Worldwide Leather Wallet


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    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

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