Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday Deals

I can’t believe that November is already here!! And we all know what this means: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas! At our place this Holiday Season also has a few birthdays in between…I cannot believe my little boy is turning 3 already!!

So back to the Holidays…I have always wanted to go venture in the craziness that is Black Friday shopping. You know, head out to your store of choice right after a stomach full of Thanksgiving goodness. I just don’t think I want to deal with all the craziness that in entails!! I have heard so many scary stories of people going insane in Walmart and whatnot. I really don’t want to end up frustrated, stressed, and probably with a black eye.

So I have just started on a new journey to find great deals for Black Friday! Hey, we all already know how much I love to do some virtual window shopping!! And I am pretty sure I am not alone on this!! Plus I doesn’t hurt anyone to be prepared for the day and not improvising on the exact day!

One of the thing I am going to do is saving with coupons for Amazon. I love Amazon!! Last year I did all my shopping on Amazon! And, I must confess that I do, indeed, have a wish list with items that can all be found in Amazon. You know, little things, like Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Cursed; mixing bowls, measuring cups, and oh so many more cool things for my kitchen!! 😀

What about you?

Are you ready for Black Friday? Do you have any tips to share for a newbie?

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  • Jon R
    November 13, 2012

    I’m probably doing my shopping at amazon also since I have saved up some GC