Ten on Tuesday

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This is the first time I ever do this!! But it looked like so much fun so I had to join A Grande Life, aka Mrs Gloves. You should join in the fun as well!

Here we go:

    1. I discovered that listening to sad music while depressed just doesn’t do its magic like it used to when I was in middle school…long, long time ago.
    2. Scratch, our new puppy, peed on my beige curtains (discovered it too late so no point on scolding anyone, dogs have the attention span and memory of a 4 month old baby, or worse!)
    3. There are so many reviews and giveaways coming on From PDX with Love, it is so exciting!!
    4. Look at what I won over at Jennifer’s blog, Born2Impress! Isn’t it lovely!! It is a clutch slash changing pad! Could get stinky, will have to remember to always wash it off!
    5. I’ve also won a set of thank you cards from Pear Tree (I am framing one ’cause they are so cute!) and a pair of earrings (and I can’t find the email where I have the picture of them!).
    6. Six. I tried to teach A to say the numbers, from 1 to 5, in Spanish and this is how it went: Uno, Dos, That one!
    7. I cleaned the fridge today! At least the inside, the outside still has some milk streaks that A thought would go perfectly with my stainless steel fridge, which is not magnetic and pisses me off, ok not really, but it’d be nice to have a freaking magnetic fridge so that I can buy purrrty magnets like these:

  1. I never can figure out what to make for dinner. It stresses me out!
  2. The boys are napping and I am falling asleep. But this is my ‘me time’ so, no nap here!
  3. I want to some day have a big house with a big yard and the perfect tree for a treehouse.

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  • frompdxwithlove
    August 24, 2010

    [New Post] Ten on Tuesday – via #twitoaster http://frompdxwithlove.com/1703/uncatego

  • Steph
    August 24, 2010

    I love #4! I’m going to have to keep that in mind when I have the next kiddo!

  • Sumana
    August 24, 2010

    Following you via MBC. Hope you will follow me too @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/

  • Kelly
    August 24, 2010

    Stopping by from Grande Life 🙂 My first time doing Ten On Tuesday too! That little clutch and those magnets are awesome! Happy Tuesday!

  • Glamamom
    August 24, 2010

    I never know what to make for dinner either! Ha. Cute list