Take a look -Fridge edition

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Lets be honest, we like to know as much as we can about other people. So, I will give you guys a chance to look into my life. I’ll take you to the corners of my house to start with. And we will start with my fridge!

As some of you might know, I’ve been a bit under the weather these past couple of days (and Cory Monteith singing ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ just isn’t helping at all). I usually clean when I am mad. I guess it helps me calm down and occupy my chatty little voice in my head on something else. This time I was feeling blue and felt like cleaning, which my fridge really needed!

So here is my fridge:

Fridge Door

Top shelf: we’ve got the Lucerne sweet cream butter and cream cheese where I am pretty sure an ecosystem is growing on. We also have what I like to call the ‘pink cocktail’, yeah Pepto Bismol. Ty has a really, as in really, sensitive stomach! I can’t drink that thing it makes me sicker than before, it grosses me out, but not as much as stepping on a stupid slug with my bare feet grosses me out (I’m feeling sick from thinking about it!).

As you can see by our  bottles of BBQ, we love to, well, BBQ!! We have STUBB’s Spicy and Mesquite flavors, Jack Daniel’s BBQ and Country Bob’s sauce (now, please, do take a break and go ahead and enter my Country Bob’s giveaway, you won’t regret it!). Ok, you are back! AWESOME! Lets move on…Oh, wait, we also have Raspberry Jam for my boys (I prefer strawberry jam) and we also have chicken bouillon hiding behind my BBQ sauces! Ok, now, lets move on…

Middle Shelf: we have the zippy cups and the milk. Those zippy cups are actually J’s but mister doesn’t know how to use them, he thinks they are some sort of chewing toy. Milk. Well, my boys are milkoholics.  We go trough tons of gallons of milk in a month! I think it might be cheaper to get our own cow!

Bottom shelf: go figure, more sauces! We have two A1’s (I think one is spicy or something) and we also have soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, sesame oil, Worcestershire (which is as hard to spell as it is to pronounce), gluten free  soy sauce and my yummy oyster sauce (great for Chinese food, just don’t add to much!). We also have that blue punch thingy which I don’t like and mustard!

Inside fridge

Top shelf: We have eggs. Oregon’s one of the few states without malicious eggs, phew! Not that we eat eggs too often, we only use them for baking! And we bought them before the mega super huge recall…we also have plain and vanilla yogurt. And I can’t believe it’s not butter! butter, and sour cream and some Parmesan cheese.

Middle shelf: We have…Sake! Two bottles one big and another one not so big. And some weird beer Ty won’t drink (which he won’t throw away), lime juice, Pase salsa, Margarita mix, minced garlic (which reminds me we have to go to Costco and buy more, I am running out of yummy smelly garlic!), ketchup, nacho cheese, chocolate frosting and ranch dressing.

Bottom shelf: we have potato salad from Safeway and left over cream of chicken which I will have to use pretty soon before it goes bad.

Cheese drawer: well, we have CHEESE! Cheddar cheese.

Veggies drawers: we have broccoli, carrots, celery and lettuce.

So this is what’s in my fridge. I so need to go do some grocery shopping!

Next time I’ll take you guys into my pantry. Yeah, I just cleaned it today too (that one was a fast one).

Share your fridge with me!! Pretty please?!