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A few months back a plastic bag ban was imposed where I live. To an extent this is a great step forward to a environmentally responsible city. It has been ever since that I have been on the look for reusable bag that stylish and multipurpose. See, if I am paying for a grocery bag I better be able to use it for something else.

Along the way I have tried quite a few different reusable bag brands but I have now found my favorite company: SnapSac.

SnapSac: Reusable Bags 

SnapSac is an environmentally responsible company that provides their costumers with fashionable and socially resposnible reusable bags that feature not only stylish patterns but durable fabric.

SnapSac sent me a 3 ToteBundle in Pop colors which have all won me over. The ToteBundle ($17.97) includes a PetiteTote, SuperTote, MegaTote, for when the little guy doesn’t quite do the job. ;)


SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

On their website the bags look regular sized but man was I surprised by their actual size when I got them in the mail!! And I don’t say this in a bad way!! This simply means that due to their size I need less bags to carry my groceries or whatever their job is for the day! I would rather carry just one bag than 5 different ones that only fit a few items.


SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

These 3 SnapSac totes have an inside pocket to carry small objects, like your keys or lipstick. Each bag closes with a tiny little white snap that can either snap to the small pocket inside the tote or snap the tote close from the outside.


SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

The totes also feature wide tops and straps for better comfort. I must say that I really like the wide straps a lot. It doesn’t matter how full and heavy your SnapSac is, the straps make is comfortable and less of a hassel and pain to carry around town.


SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

Remember how I said these reusable bags are multipurpose? Well, they are, and the possibilities are countless because no matter what you use your SnapSac for, these totes are machine washable, phew!! This makes me feel great after using the PetiteTote to carry my muddy snow boots!


 SnapSac: MegaTote

SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

The MegaTote doesn’t kid around. I am sure I could carry both my boys in it!! It is that big! I haven’t had the need to use this reusable bag just yet but I can think of a few uses for it. This bag, due to its dimensions, would be great for college kids and all their dirty laundry!

I can see my little sister carrying this tote back to our parents’ place on laundry day!


SnapSac: SuperTote

SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

This has been my to go to bag lately. I have used it as a carry-on in our last two trips to Seattle. It also made the trip up to Deming for our little hunting expedition.

This size if perfect for daily use. A few years ago I would have used it as a diaper bag, or to go to the beach.

I can still see myself using it quite a bit.


SnapSac: PetiteTote

SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping

This was the poor little PetiteTote that had to venture into combat. On our hunting trip I brought this SnapSac along with the SuperTote. Unfortunately, for this little guy, it did not make it out spotless.

I had to use it to carry muddy snow boots that otherwise would have spread all the mud over my car. But thanks to its sturdy fabric and my washer it is looking like new once again!! Phew…


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Find all SnapSac Totes, all under $10, at Sprouts Farmer’s Market, select grocery stores, online, and on Amazon.


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SnapSac: smart. stylish. shopping


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    I want the Natasha Tote in gold please! Love it! Great thorough review — thanks for doing it!

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    I would love to have one of the MEGA TOTES, they would be perfect for when we go to the beach.

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    the cool tote Neutral :O)

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    SnapSac Complete Bundle, Neutral Colors.

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