Why Wednesdays

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I am taking this idea, with permission, of my beautiful stalker aka MomTheBomb aka Bless your Heart and aka my stalker! So make sure to go check out her amazing blog! It will make you laugh specially when she talks about her 21 little aliens!

Ok, so….take 10 and go visit MomTheBomb!!

Oh, I see you are back!! YEI!!

So Why wednesday. Here are my 3 Whys of the day:

  1. WHY oh why does the freaking washer keep stealing my socks! Where do they go?! Why only one? Why not just disappear together? That way I probably won’t remember about that pair and move on. But NOOOOO!! only one takes off and leaves his pal behind to be stocked in a drawer or box all alone (with other lonely socks).
  2. WHY does a toddler need to make a mess with his food? Seriously, if you are not going to eat it just leave it there and step aside for an adult to take care of it! Why the mess?! Why all over my walls and carpets!
  3. WHY do boys have to be naked all the time? Mine have cute little buts but, I mean…it is one thing to be naked around the house but it is completely different when you go to the balcony and do the naked dance making sure everybody outside gets to see you tool! (I am talking about my oldest, though all 3 of my boys looooove being naked).

Share your WHYs of the day!

  • frompdxwithlove
    August 25, 2010

    [New Post] Why Wednesdays – via #twitoaster http://frompdxwithlove.com/1746/random/w

  • Jules
    August 26, 2010

    Why do I only crave chocolate and cheese balls? Never carrot sticks and apples!?!

    • Sofia
      August 26, 2010

      You are not alone! I crave chocolate all the time!! All things chocolate and coffee!