Baggu: Reusable Bags

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Ever since Bellingham imposed a no plastic bag ban on all grocery stores in the county I have been on the look for fashionable and stylish reusable bags. Yes, I do not like the reusable bags with the grocery store’s logo on them. Nor the ones with a bank’s logo. If I am to use a reusable bag it has to be an extension of who I am. Dorky but true.

Insert Baggu here. They offer simple yet fun and quirky reusable bags that are not only fashionable and stylish but are durable as well.


Baggu: Reusable Bags

I got the opportunity of reviewing one of their reusable bags and after contemplating the vast amount of choices in colors and patterns, plus my oldest boy begging for this one, I decided to go with the Carrot Baggu.

The bag I chose is their best seller, the Standard Baggu.


What made me chose this one particularly? 

The color is fun and bright. If I were to get lost at the grocery store, which happens quite a lot (tee hee) I can easily wave it up in the sky and I could easily be found!


Baggu: Reusable Bags

Silly stories aside, I also chose the Standard Baggu due to being easy to store. Yeah, there are many reusable bags that fold inside a tiny pouch and can be hung on your purse, well, the Baggu can be folded into its very own 5″ by 5″ pouch which fits perfectly in your pants’ back pocket! This is perfect for people like me who sometimes do not like to carry their purse around the store!


Baggu: Reusable Bags

Plus, its wide strap makes it stronger and easier to carry. One Standard Baggu will hold 2-3 plastic grocery bags. Bingo!

Another life saver? It is machine washable! For when sticky food manages to escape its enclosure and get into your lovely reusable bag! I am not a big fan of stickyness, yuck.

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