How to choose a baby pushchair

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Being pregnant is the most amazing thing in the world, at least it is for many of us. But it is also a stressful time with having to get everything ready for the baby. And by everything I mean everything! From the setting up the nursery, to buying baby gear: a car seat, a pushchair, a high chair, etc.

My all time favorite baby gear would be a pushchair because they allow you to move with ease while keeping your child safe. But choosing the right one can easily add to the stress.


How to choose the best baby pushchair

Tesco Pushchair

Choosing the right pushchair for you depends on many aspects: baby weight, number of children, color, design, features.

  • Begin by setting a budget and stick to it. You might find a pushchair that you love: all the features you want and in the desired design but it is way out of budget.
  • Make a list of all the features you want your pushchair to have. Do you want a simple design or would you prefer a raincover or footmuff? How about extra basket space? Or a cup holder? Whatever features you can think of, write them down.
    Tesco Baby PushchairTesco Baby Pushchair
  • Do your research online for prices and brands. Maybe you already have your eyes set on a pushchair but I would still recommend to shop around and see which retailer has the best price. If shopping online remember that there will be  shipping and handling fees.
  • If you found the one you think is right but still want to try the pushchair out, head on over to a store and bring your child along. Have him/her try it out and don’t feel like a weirdo by strolling about the store! You have to make sure the pushchair not only has all the features you are looking for but it is also comfortable for your child.
  • Now, if you have two…this is where it gets fun! Still make your list and follow your budget. But now you will have two little people to make happy.Tesco Baby Pushchair DoubleTesco Baby Pushchair Tesco Baby Pushchair Double
  • Go for the one that bests fits your needs!


Choosing the right pushchair shouldn’t be stressful. Do your research, look around, and go with what you need. Once you have found the one, then go out and about town and enjoy!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tesco. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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