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Protect your kids eyes with Real Kids Shades

Real Kids Shades

When protecting our children we tend to focus mainly on sunscreens and hats but forget to protect their eyes as well. The sun can cause permanent and irreparable damage to children’s eyes, specially those under the age of 10. Unlike skin cells, the cells in our eyes cannot repair themselves, hence once the damage is done there is nothing that can be done to revert it.

This is the mission that pushes Real Kids Shades forward. They vow to protect as many children’s eyes as possible from the damaging effects of UV radiation by creating a line of sunglasses geared towards children. These sunglasses provide 100% protection towards UV-A and UV-B rays and are to be worn year round because even on a cloudy or overcast day these rays are still there.


Real Kids Shades

We got the opportunity of trying Real Kids Shades out and man are my boys in LOVE with them!!

Real Kids Shades Real Kids Shades

We received 3 different pairs:

I guess it was destined to happen, but the day we got the sunglasses the sun honored Bellingham with a beautiful day! It was still freezing but it was beautiful nonetheless. So we decided to go out for a walk. Of course the boys put their sunglasses right away, and off we were.


Real Kids Shades: Flex Duo Shades

Real Kids ShadesReal Kids ShadesReal Kids Shades

Like father and son, Mister A. chose the black and red Flex Duo. It is definitely in his blood!! Red and black abound in our house and is everywhere around us…yikes! Why chose only a monochromatic shade when you can add some spark and personality, right?!


Real Kids Shades Real Kids Shades

Both the boys have worn this pair of sunglasses which come with a band. This band is not necessarily to keep the sunglasses on but to keep them safe in case they were to fall off their face! No more scratched lenses, phew!


Real Kids Shades: Flex Shades

Real Kids ShadesReal Kids ShadesReal Kids Shades

We got the Flex in blue as a huge surprise from Real Kids Shades. The boys love it!! It seems to be A.’s to go to shades, while J. will go for either pair, he is not very picky (except when it is all about food, only then is he the pickiest of kids).


Real Kids Shades Real Kids Shades

Features of both the Flex and Flex Duo Shades

  • 100% UV protection (UVA & UVB) to 400 nanometers clearly indicated on each individual package
  • Flexible unbreakable rubber frames
  • Professional grade polycarbonate lenses
  • Shatterproof and Impact Resistant
  • Wrap style design for a close, comfortable fit that minimizes peripheral light
  • Removable neoprene® strap
  • Waterproof Rustproof
  • Fun to wear! Our sunglasses come in a variety of fashion colors and fun patterns. Kids just love to wear them and parents can feel good about putting them on their kids


Real Kids Shades: Xtreme

Real Kids Shades Xtreme red black Real Kids Shades Xtreme red black profile Real Kids Shades Xtreme red black back

Another black and red pair!! See!? What did I tell you? Black and red hunts me….

Hehehe. The Xtreme Shades are completely different from the other two pairs of sunglasses we received. There are no frame legs (what are they called?) but instead there is a band that will snuggly wrap around your kids face.

Design wise, this pair is my favorite. I really don’t think my boys care too much about it because of the lack of frame legs (?) but they still wear them. I guess that once they try them out while running around the playground they will be more than happy to wear them.


  • 100% UV protection (UVA & UVB) to 400 nanometers clearly indicated on each individual package
  • Stay Put Power
  • Professional grade polycarbonate frames and lenses
  • Shatterproof and Impact Resistant
  • Anti-fog vents prevent moisture build-up on lenses
  • Comfortable foam padding
  • Wrap style design for a close fit that minimizes peripheral light
  • Adjustable neoprene® band that comfortably and securely keeps the glasses in place
  • No pointy temple arms or metal hinges
  • Waterproof Rustproof
  • Includes Microfiber bag which is also a cleaning cloth


Real Kids Shades: Conclusion

All in all we love these shades!! I feel relaxed and more at ease knowing that my kids eyes are now safe from any UV rays harm. I have very bad vision (myopia and a bit of astigmatism to the point that I cannot see very well without my sunglasses) so I want my boys to have a healthy pair of eyes that I have never had.

Plus, with A. going to school pretty soon he is so going to need a pair on a daily basis!! Oh yeah, he is going to a Waldorf school where the very first thing on their schedule is outside play! Rain or shine, he will be outside playing. So from day one he will have his pair of Real Kids Shades in his backpack. And I can attest that these shade will last my boys for years to come! Yup, they are shatterproof and impact resistant…I already sat on a pair once and it survived!!


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Real Kids Shades


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