Gift Guide for the Tech Loving College Student

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Gift Guide for the Tech Loving College Student

What do you get the tech loving college student to make his or her time away at school a little more productive and pleasant. Assuming the student has the usual iPhone, iPad and laptop -what else would be appreciated and useful?


  • Kindle  – Students are required to do a lot of reading and what better way than where ever they want. Colleges still require the purchase of bound books but many are available as downloads or some references can be on loan from the library to the E reader. The Kindle is always available on
  • 3M Streaming Projector – A really great piece of technology for a college student. With a dual Wi-Fi and a Roku stick this handheld device has access to Netflix, Hulu Plus. Amazon Instant, HBO and more. The 3M site lists all the tech specs and where you can buy it.
  • Personalized iPhone Case – Give the student a case for his or her iPhone that has a custom designed specifically for them. Whatever image they would like can be transferred to an iPhone case using a site like Tiny Prints. Maybe their school insignia, sorority/fraternity letters or an activity related design.
  • Fit Bit – This little device tracks all physical activity including sleep quality. It is a great aid to show the student how to avoid study burn out and get the proper rest for peak performance.
  • External Hard Drives – Nothing hurts like losing a term paper, thesis or photo journal due to a computer crash. An external hard drive will save the day, should an untimely mishap occur. Best Buy has many different brands that will all get the job done, but my personal favorite is Western Digital.
  • Home (or dorm) Networking Devices – Give the gift of a faster computer with the super routers available today from companies like Asus, NetGear, D-Link and others. A decent router should cost you no more than $30 – $50. Best Buy is all the go to place for this product.
  • Printer – For as low as 59.00 you can provide the student with a good quality printer. A must for every college student. Staples always has a good selection and great prices. Again, a personal favorite brand is HP.

There are many other techy gadgets that you may consider that are more for recreation and fun like Hasbro’s Laser Tag and even an Xbox if you feel that it will not subtract time away from study.  There is a retro arcade station on the market that plays old arcade games like Pac Man and Asteroids as a novelty conversation piece.

Search online on sites like for reviews and information on all of the latest advances in electronic personal technology. It changes daily so it is important to keep abreast. When you provide your college student with the cutting edge gadget of tool he or she will be impressed.

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    Pac Man is the best. We have an Atari station that plays retro games like Space Invaders — the kids think the low-tech graphics are hilarious.