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Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry

I love personalized items since, to me, they are more you than the mass produced items. OF course, there are different levels of personalization. Stamp your name, full name,a monogram, a quote, or a date, and you are done. But what if you could actually personalize your jewelry?


Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry

Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry

Metal Pressions goes beyond personalized jewelry and allows for custom-made one-of-a-kind jewelry that truly expresses who you are. Maybe by now you are thinking that there is such a product out there. Yes and no. See, other companies have restrictions: number of lines, letters, words, overall design. Metal Pressions allows you to easily create custom charms with symbols, cutout shapes, raised solder elements, even flush set diamonds! Now that is what I call personalized!

Well, I was lucky enough to review their website, service, and an amazing necklace! Yeah.


Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry – Tutorial

The website is very straight forward. You can watch their tutorial for a quick how to but, trust me, personalizing your jewelry is very easy.

Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry


Once you are ready to start, you will arrive at a page where you will start designing (oh, so much fun). You will be given a vast amount of options, so make sure you have enough time to design what your heart desires.

You can choose every single aspect of your jewelry: chains, charms, add ons, cut outs, text.

 Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry

I started by making a guitar pick for my husband but then it occurred to me that he would never wear it, he is not into jewelry, so I decided to make one for myself.  I made at least 3 different designs, which I was able to safe for later (phew). So maybe you will design something but you then get an idea for another design, simply save and make a new one! Then you can go back to your saved designs and keep on working on them until they are perfect!


My Personalized Necklace

Metal Pressions: Personalized Necklace Metal Pressions: Personalized Necklace
Lately I have had my eyes on hand stamped jewelry so it was a no brainer to add a stamp to my design: a bird. Tweet, tweet.

I love being able to use my creativity which made designing my necklace a lot of fun.

This was my third design. I started with the guitar pick for my husband (our anniversary is coming up soon), then I designed a charm that read Carpe Diem  but it just didn’t feel like meSo…I started clicking on every single option given until I caught a glimpse of my tattoo:


Metal Pressions: Personalized Necklace
It just felt right….even though a little bit repetitive. But I like the finished design. I was, though, a bit scared the word breathe wouldn’t be centered at all, or that it might end up with a letter out of the charm or something down that line.

So, I went with it and ordered my necklace and then aI got this pop-up messaged:
Metal Pressions: Personalized JewelryPhew, so even if my design-loving eyes did not do such a good job at aligning my elements, they will do it for me! Yeah. Made me feel beter. And to be honest I couldn’t be any happier with my necklace!


Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry
As you can see, the final product is exactly the same as the one I designed. OK, the bird looks cuter on my necklace than it did on the website, hehehe!!


Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry Metal Pressions: Personalized Jewelry
If you are looking for truly personalized jewelry make sure to try Metal Pressions out, you won’t regret it.

I love my necklace, which has been approved by both my little boys (who both tried to take it off my neck to keep it for them selves)!



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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the Hosting Company who graciously provided the product for me to review.

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    Isn’t that beautiful! I love the charm!

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    <3 the Sterling Silver Ring 5mm wide–I'd get my childrens names

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    What a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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    That’s gorgeous! I love customized jewelry!

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    I learned they use ground-breaking free-form online jewelry design tool so in a few clicks you can have your customized jewlery!! SO very neat!!

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    This jewelry is super cute and different.

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    I like that the charms can be used for so many different types of jewelry.

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    Two Charm Silver Birthstone Necklace

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    Those hand stamped jewelry is gorgeous! I love them! I like how simple it is to customize your jewelry and they do such a beautiful job! Fast turnaround and satisfaction guarantee is also a big bonus!

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    I love that you can customize it yourself – how cool is that?!

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    I love that necklace. So adorable!

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    Charms are beautiful

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    silver and more silver. better than gold. precious.

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    Your necklace is perfect! It would be a cute bracelet too..repetitive is good when it’s positive! (:
    I LOVE the Sterling Silver Ring 3mm wide!!

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    Very nice! I love what you got! The tattoo is beautiful too!

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    oooohhh, these would make amazing bridal party gifts!

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