Norton 360 for Families

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Norton 360 for FamiliesThe full line of Symantec’s Norton 360 products offer highly customizable packages that ensure all your family’s security concerns are addressed. If you have multiple PCs in your home, as many families do these days, there are a couple of products that can be appropriate for you. These include Norton Internet Security and Norton 360.

Each of these products offers coverage for up to three Windows-operating computers. Each offers its unique benefits as well. For instance, if your family has a lot of stored data on your home PCs and you’d like to security backup that data with online datacenters, Norton 360 provides an impressive 2 GB of online storage, with the option to purchase additional space, if required.

Many families also have multiple devices running off of different operating systems. Ensuring all your devices are covered is simple with Norton 360 solutions. Inc. security provides protection for Android phones. Or, if you have Android phones as well as PC and Mac devices, Norton One or Norton Multi Device can provide the protection you need.

If one of your major internet security concerns is keeping your kids safe online and ensuring you always know what they’ve been doing while on the internet, Norton Family Premier edition is an excellent new product from Symantec. It has tremendous features, like mobile monitoring of your kids’ internet activity, which means you can keep the safe and secure, even when you’re not able to be there in person.

All of these Norton 360 products and more can be purchased online and immediately downloaded. Sites like have the full selection of Symantec’s Norton products, and often at discounted rates.

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