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Tiny Love – My Nature Pals Stroll {Giveaway}

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Tiny Love – My Nature Pals Stroll

Tiny Love - My Nature Pals

Recently I got the opportunity of working with Tiny Love on a review which, even though I do not have babies, I was more than happy to do!! Baby toys are so darn cute…and even at their age, my boys loved toying and goofing around with Tiny Love’s My Nature Pals. 

Now that my boys are too old for strollers, or too cool for them, I wish I would have had this amazing toy to keep them entertained when on the go. Instead, we had a few of the plastic chains, some tiny stuffed animals hanging from them, and a mirror. They were always well behaved and would only wail when hungry. It would have still made an awesome toy.


Tiny Love – My Nature Pals: Features

Reasons are many for why I find My Nature Pals to be an awesome toy. For instance, it fits on most strollers and baby carriers, meaning there is no need to have more than one for each. Plus, once you are done with it, or need extra space, or anything, the stroller toy can be easily folded and stored away!

Also, the colors are bright and neutral so both boys and girls can play with them (not that there is anything wrong with boys liking purples and pinks, my oldest likes purple).


Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll

One of the feautres I like best is the attachment joints. It might be its chunkiness or the colors…or the way they look, I think they are awesome. They are bright and they are part of the toy and not just a piece of it.

These little claws allow for the Tiny Love stroller toy to be able to attach to both stroller and car seats.

They also look like little orange robot hands! Or, is it just me?


Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll

This toy is great for two age stages. From 0+, batting and sensory exploration: the colors and pattern are great for sensory exploration; the butterfly is specially designed for batting (always loved seeing my boys’ reaction to the toy being batted flinging back at them).


Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll

As mothers we all know the importance of mirrors:  they teach babies how to focus, track images, and explore their face and the things it can do (smiles, winks, frowns, etc). So of course there is a mirror! There has to be a mirror! 


Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll

It also caters to babies 5m+, pulling for cause and effect learning. Learning cause and effect has to be even better than being surprised by a swinging toy. I am sure that, if you are a mom, the look of pride in your child’s eyes is the best thing ever. Seeing your baby realize that if they pull the handle the flower spins is amazing. Then they won’t stop.

This handle can be turned into a teether, hence the dotted texture on it. Genius!


Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll

The flower can also be spun without the need to pull on the handle. The middle of the flower will surely keep them enthralled. I tried spinning the flower, and got dizzy from looking into it!


Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll Tiny Love - My Nature Pals Stroll

There is also this cute little crinkly frog and an even cuter squirrel whose tummy is a colorful rattle. These two would have been my oldest son’s favorite. He always loved the crinkly toys that made sound every time he would touch them. Plus, most babies love rattles, right?!


All in all these is a great developmental toy that will not only keep your little one entertained for a while, but it will also teach a few important life lessons.


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Tiny Love - My Nature Pals


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    Not sure if it’s IE9, that I’m Canadian or an incorrect link but your Tiny Love links don’t point me to THEIR website. I found them from Facebook.

    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

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    The 3 in 1 rocker napper.
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