Welcome to Vancouver!

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Day 1 – We Arive in Vancouver, BC.

After 5 long and horrible hours in Customs, we finally made it out of the airport at 5:15 Pm. Thanks to Mapquest we were able to work our way through Vancouver rush hour and to our apartment in only 30 minutes. When we arrived we were worried the landlord had gone home for the night and we would need to stay in a hotel until Saturday.

Fortunately we found that he lived in the same building and we were able to move in that night. It took us only 3 trips to move the majority of our stuff into the living room of our new apartment, but we have finally put everything in place, including our rugs. Deciding that unpacking could wait until later in the weekend we move the car out of the fire line and into the parking garage, and went in search of food. Neither one of us had eaten all day, so we wondered the streets of Vancouver in search of a good hamburger.

We scoured 10 city blocks before finding a Red Robbins 2 streets over on Robson St. This had to be the busiest Red Robbins in all of Vancouver. The place was packed full of young adults out on a Friday night. The cultural mix was extremely diverse, with immigrants from so many countries all in the same restaurant. We had huge hamburgers we were so hungry even Sofia ate her entire hamburger and French fries. After dinner we worked our way back through the streets of Vancouver to our new home. Our apartment is on the 14th floor, and the view is marvelous, too bad it’s cloudy!

The last picture is Vancouver at night…the view from our dinning room, taken by Tyler…if you look close enough, you can even see his reflect on the window!

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