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Day 4 – Setting Up the House & Exploring

So, what is it with guys and their instinct on fixing or unfixing everything? Wow, it’s simply amazing. So this first picture…there was no fixing…Tyler had to have his own wireless connection so that he could use the office’s computer, so he started playing with his router and that other black thingy…and what was our result? The building’s wireless internet was disconnected! That was simply hilarious…of course, it’s still disconnected and will be until we leave!

So…Monday. We woke up around 8 am, I guess. Stayed home for a while…and after Tyler stopped playing with the building’s wireless router we went out exploring; in search for double sided tape. So, we went up Robson St. (second picture) looking for a hardware. Ty was complaining about the directions the girl from the drug store gave him, but, hey! at least he asked for directions! (Hunn, me loves you!)

So we were almost at the Hardware store when we spotted the Public Market, which is right behind me (third picture). Ty insisted on taking pictures of me…Why? Hehehe, just kiding. I’ll have to go to that Market sometime…

On the way back from the hardware store we did a little shoping: gym clothes. I tried quite a few shirts…some of them didn’t fit at all…and I had some trouble taking a white shirt off…I almost broke it! I bought a pair of black pants with white stripes…they are cool! 🙂 At least Ty liked them! Hehehe, I also bought a couple of shirts one green and another white one…it was a fun day.

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