Vancouver {Day 5}

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Day 5 – Family Arrives

In general we had a great day. I was able to get back to work with my phone line completely set up. Thanx to my tinkering with the wireless. πŸ˜€ For lunch Sofia and I went across the street to the YMCA and played some racket ball. The place is huge, it reminds me of a giant rat maze. So many different doors and rooms, you have to walk to classes to get to other hallways. I think that it is 4 stories high, atleast we were on 4 different floors I think. There must be 5 different stairwells. It is a crazy building.

Needless to say we were finally able to find racketball court 5, and Sofia was able to test out her new gym clothes. It was a great time we spent an entire hour playing before we move on to circuit training. We headed back to the house for lunch and to get ready for my family’s arrival.

My family came up from Bellingham to visit and see Sophia, they arrived around 6 PM. Mom came bearing gifts. COFFEE! Thanx Mom. After we showed them our new place we all headed down to Robson St. and had some crepes. There is a really cool crepe vendor on the street were you can get almost any type of crepe you want. We had to sneek pictures becuase they don’t allow them. πŸ™‚
Even thou mom was hesitant and didnt want to try one at first. After seeing the guy make them on the skillet she decided that maybe it was in her best interest to have one. HA! They were really good, a little messy with strawberry juice dripping everywhere, but the were good. After crepes we visited some shops and then headed to Earls for dinner. I know, dessert before dinner? But it worked great. Alex spent most of his night playing with his new phone with its cool little camera. Which was really funny because the minute he put it away in his pocket, the cast of Smallville walked by. Not everyone but Lionel Luthor, Cloe Sullivan, and another guy. He was flippen out. It was great.

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