Vancouver {Day 9}

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Day 9 – A new visit

Soooooo….today, Wendi and Scott came to visit! Yei…it was a lot of fun!

So, we went out for dinner, Japanese food. We went to this place close to Earls, guess where?! Robson Street!! The service was bad…and so was the lighting there…horrible! And hmm, I wasn’t even hungry! But it was fun dinner time!

After eating, we went for a little stroll and got some coffee. Not Starbucks, I guess it’s called Blenz or something like it!

We thought it’d be cool if we could go to a bar or anything like it…though Wendi had a really long day to work the next day, so Ty thought of Earls…too bad it was Hockey night and full. We waited for a little while until Wendi and Scott decided that it was time for them to go back home…

It was really nice seeing them again! Next time they come visit we’ll have to go to a bar or a night club or somewhere else…I dunno…Any ideas guys?

So, we are a little bit behind our blogging…Promise to keep up! πŸ™‚

Ty: I LOVE YOU MORE!! Almost mostest + 1! πŸ™‚

[ps] No pics today! :S

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