Vancouver {Waterless}

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Day 13 – No water day

So i bet that most of you have heard about our bad luck up here. By this I mean the lack of clean water…!!

Vancouver residents are advised to drink boiled or bottled water after a powerful storm left city’s water supplies without electricity and tap water brown and visibly contaminated.

Two million residents in the greater Vancouver area and its suburbs were told not to drink tap water, wash vegetables or dishes with it, or even shower using tap water without boiling it first.”**

We finally decided to go to the store to get some botteled water. Too late. There was nothing left! no ice, no water, no nothing! WOW!! Seems like lots of people paniced!

So far, city’s groceries and pharmacies have received extra shipments of bottled water Saturday, November 18th, as bottled water supplies have been limited in the area until the weekend. Fighting over limited supplies of bottled water several people were knocked to the ground this Friday in Vancouver. Canadian Tire announced it will be donating over 100,000 litres of bottled water to local charitable organizations on an as needed basis over the weekend.”**

Some restaurants served coffee and some others did not…they were not allowed to serve pop from their fountains or wash food with tap

Starbucks did not serve coffee either. There was NO coffee! No water. No coffee…a big no-no in this house…no coffee leads us to Ty having a headache…Huge no-no! Hehehehe…

Good thing is that water’s cleaner now…we can now run the dishwasher…still no coffee at home…bit there’s a Starbucks at every corner! It’s amazing. 🙂

Hoping this won’t happen again any time soon…there’s supposed to be another storm today…yikes!

** Toronto Daily News

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