Dandelion Baby & Maya Organics: Pull Train Toy

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My dad always said that I was born in the wrong decade; that I could have blended well in the 30’s – 40’s. From my taste in cars, music, and all things vintage, I guess he was right. My eyes are always looking for things relevant to past decades: old cars, vintage clothes, old housewares, specially toys. Recently I found a vintage looking pull train toy that had me drooling instantly. It might not be a true old-timer, but it reminds me of one.

Maya Organic: Pom Pom Pull Toy The shape, the colors and gloss, the material, it all screams old-school toy, at least to me. Where did I fint it? Well, at Dandelion Baby of course!

Dandelion Baby: Pull Train Toy

Dandelion Baby is an online store with a European touch which I love. And also has articles to help you with everyday stuff such as taking care of your baby’s stump. I guess my dad forgot to mention that I would have blended in well in an European city (how about somewhere in Switzerland?).

Pull Train ToyThe train I received for this review is part of the Maya Organic collection. All their toys are simple, glossy, very old-time fun. What I like about their toys, besides the fact that they remind me of the toys back in the days, is that they are handcrafted, so you know that a pair of loving hands was in charge of putting all his/her love on that single toy. From high quality materials, to non-toxic, natural dyes and finishes, these toys, including the pull train, is safe and full of love, ready to share it with your child

Maya Organic: Pull Train ToyEverything about this beautiful pull train toy is made from products found in nature. Wood for the body and plants for the paint:

  • Blue: Extracts from the Indigo Plant
  • Yellow: Tumeric Powder
  • Orange: Kanchi KumKum and Tumeric
  • Red: Kanchi KumKum and Natural Alizarin
  • Dark Brown: Extracts from the Ratanjyoti Tree
  • Light Brown: Extracts from Katha

Pull Train Toy: adjustable safety pull cord Pull Train Toy: adjustable safety pull cord The train also has a adjustable safety pull cord which I think is genius and quite unique. We’ve had different pull toys before but none of them had an adjustable safety pull cord. And even though it looks like it will give and tear as your child tugs it, believe me, it will not come off easily. My boys have both spun the train around in circles and the safety pull cord did not come apart. I even tried to take one off and it took some muscle.

Pull train toy Pull Train Toy Even though my boys are past using pull toys they were so excited to receive this pull train toy in the mail (plus they really love getting packages in the mail). But my boys do love anything train related, so this train is still a hit even after a few days of hard use and play.

J. immediately made it his before his older brother decided to take it as his own. For the first day J. would walk around the house with it. Most times the train would half fly, half ride along the floor. Soon after both my boys were playing together inviting their other cars and trains to join in the fun.

Pull Train Toy & J.J. was the first to wake up from his nap that day. I guess he was not feeling too well because he took his train and snuggled in the couch as he watched Ma’ Mouse aka Mickey Mouse on the TV.

He did not let go of his train. He even gave me a whole speech about his train and how cool it was and where it came from and all.

Very, very cute. He even asked me to take some pictures of it, which rarely happens. So I was happy to abide.

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    April 11, 2013

    What a cute toy! My little guy loves trains and loves toys that he can drag around so I’m sure this would be a hit with him. You always take such beautiful pictures to really help tell the story of the products you feature. Love that!

    • Sofia
      April 11, 2013

      Aww, thanks!! Taking the photos (and editing them) is my favorite part of each review 🙂

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    April 11, 2013

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