Things I learned today

By Monday, August 30, 2010 3 Permalink 0
  • Be specific. Explain yourself. If you ask your husband for the laundry basket (while you are thinking with clothes), all you’ll get is an empty basket and a confused husband who has no idea why you asked for an empty basket! (Yeah, this happened as I was cleaning the kitchen, he cracked me up!).
  • Scratch is a night owl. He will roam the house and see what toys he can sneak.
  • There is such a thing as carrots giving you a tummy ache.
  • I still can’t figure out how to disable right clicks (your help is greatly appreciated well in advance).
  • STOP!
  • Hammer Time! (hehehe, I always wanted to do this, hehehe)
  • Cold weather makes me want to pee (TMI, sorry!)