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Day 20 – The Day B4 Thanksgiving

So, the thanksgiving cooking started last Wednesday for me. I was supposed to bake two pies:
+ Lemon Meringue Pie
+ Chocolate Cream Pie
and a batch of brownies and some rice krispies treat…

So after our cycling class we went to the groceries store to get all we needed…Ty said he was going to teach me how to make a pie crust from scratch, and we tried it out but it just did not work out for us…it kept breaking! So Ty went back to the store to get some pie crusts…3 of them, just in case we needed a third one.

So while Ty was at the store…I started with the Rice Krispies…Ty told me to double the meassuremnts or however they are called…and so I did…one cup of butter and 2 packages of 250grs of marshmallows, tinny ones. And 12 cups of Rice Krispies…so I started adding the rice krispies after the marshmallows were melted…one cup, two cups…three cups, or where they four? I decided to pour the whole bag in…Hey! They were really good! XD

Then I passed to the Chocolate Cream Pie. All we needed was the chocolate pudding that comes in a box…!! So darn easy! Yei…we baked the crust first, just to make it crunchy! And then poured the pudding in and tossed the pie into the fridge.

Then, the Lemon Meringue Pie. It all started well…once again, Lemon pudding from a box…so easy! And smelled so good! Then the Meringue…at was all going well…until we forgot the pie was in the oven! (Hey, we were hungry!! And watching tv, hehehe)

So the Meringue got a little bit burnt! Just a little…Oopsie…So we had to make another one! Hmmm…ok, so the second pie…it took us like 10 minutes to make that one!! Wow, we were fast! And it tastes so darn good!! Hehehehe

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