Vancouver {Day 7}

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Day 7 of December…

OMG!! so, I’ll have to start by saying “oops!” and “sorry” for the lack of entries since thanksgiving!! Yikes…and oops! again! LOL

Ty’s playing Counter Strike, whihc I am starting to like, by the way, sooooo….I’ll post photos next entry! Sorry guys!!

So….what has happened since Thanksgiving? besides the fact that we had a lot of turkey left overs! We had turkey sandwiches and turkey enchiladas, which may I say were so damn good! Oh, and I’m so happy that my cooking skills are adding up!! Just like in The Sims game, but nevermind! πŸ˜›

It snowed!! Finally…when it first started snowing, like at the very first glance of a snowflake, far away and blurry ’cause of the lack of my super contact lenses…super, cause I’m super blind…the first thing that came to my mind was me telling mom and Chelsey about my insistance to see snow again…and I smiled ot myself!! Hehehehe

So, we were walking down the street while it was snowing, just enjoying the snow and the view…and snapping pics of Ty beside a mini van covered up in snow…yeah, i have t show you those pics!! Hottie!! Hehehehe….so, I spotted the snow and a guy, the owner of the mini van, spotted me taking the snow…so he told me, I’ll let you take my snow if you throuw it at him [Tyler]…I smiled….and threw the snow ball at Ty!! Hehehehe…I got him on his back…argh…Ty tried to hit me back…and I think he did…and the guy, owner of the snow, he threw a snow ball at me too! Wow, they were some 4 fun minutes! XD

It snowed for a few days…and it was cold and windy and snowy…

Sorry if I start not making sense…sometimes i think faster than I type so my thoughts end all scrambled on the screen…or paper, which ever is the case…screen today…SEE!! but it”s fun, fun fun, sun , bun, hun…rabbit!

ROTFLOL!! Yes i am a bit insane…But you gotta love it!!

So…mom and Rick are comming to visit us tomorrow!! YEI!! That’s fun…I know I don’t always talk…it takes me some time… :S …and i know it can be a lil bit annoying…so SORRY!! but I love you all guys! hehehehehe…

So my family’s moving to Houston on July 15th or so…and my little sister, Julia, who’s in Toulouse, France, right now, will go to Ireland in June…and my older sister, Ale, will go to Sweden…wow…my family will be scattered all over the world!! YEI!! That’s good…now I have a house in Sweden and at Birch Bay…and Toulosue (for a while at least) and Houston…I don;t think I like Texas thou…Hmmm…I wonder…

So…why nobody comments??

I think I better leave, b4 my brain fryes to death…Grey’s on tonight!! YEI!!


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