iGozen: Household Organic Cleaners

Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the Hosting Company who graciously provided the organic cleaners for me to review.

There have been times when we are running late. Dinner is late and everyone is complaining about how hungry they are (extra drama added to just how much they are starving). No time, preparing in a hurry sometimes means overlooking washing our vegetables and/or fruits. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. Sometimes life gets to you. But there are easy ways to clean our food even while on a rush: iGOZEN.

A few weeks back I got the opportunity to try out iGOZEN, a brand of natural household organic cleaners.

Organic Cleaners iGOZEN has 3 different cleaners: everyday cleaner, fruit & veggie wash, and meat & fish wash.

When you get your cleaner you receive a spray bottle and powdered cleaner. So, for my first experiment I decided to go with the fruit and vegetable wash.

The Pepper Test The other night we had pasta for dinner. I love to add peppers because it adds texture and color, plus they are sweet and good for you.

So I gather my props and got to work. It didn’t even take 1 minute to get the cleaner ready to wash the pepper. The spray bottles are small enough that they won’t take a lot of space. They are quite cute, love their round bellies. My only problem is that if I place my cleaners under the sink I will forget I even have them and I will skip on washing my veggies.

Now they are all in a row behind my sink. But I digress…

Organic Cleaners iGozen Simply Clean 2 All there is to it:

    • Fill bottle with 160z of water.
    • Add the powder.
    • Shake, shake, shake.
    • And presto!

Every time you use the cleaners you will need to shake the bottle again, but it will still work just as good as the first time.

iGozen: Organic CleanersiGOZEN is easy and safe to use that you can even have your children help you clean the veggies while you are working on something else.

    • Spray
    • Soak a few seconds.
    • Rinse.
    • Eat!

ingredientsiGOZEN is highly alkaline, it neutralizes acidic substances. It is hypoallergenic, odorless, and earth-friendly. And what is best: it really works

The everyday cleaner can be used for just about anything. It is not a heavy duty cleaner so it will not clean toilets, or any gunk. But is great for your everyday use: blinds, tables, chairs, kitchen counters, etc. The options are endless.

I am sticking to my fruit & vegetable wash as well as to my fruit & meat wash. Knowing that iGOZEN is an eco-friendly cleaner that is safe to use has change my habits of only rising my vegetables. iGOZEN is easier than scrubbing my food with a sponge and soap. Way easier, and it works! There is no coming back for me!

I truly recommend iGOZEN for all moms out there who are looking for a cleaner that is safe for their families and the world.

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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by the Hosting Company who graciously provided the product for me to review.

  • Melissa
    June 10, 2013

    I really need to look into these! I love that it’s safe for kids to use too.

  • Ronni Keller
    June 10, 2013

    I LOVE the idea of organic cleaners… I’ve tried 1 brand and it was just awful… may have to give this 1 a shot!

  • Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy.com
    June 10, 2013

    I’ve been looking for something to clean my produce. I like that you can make a whole bottle and then just shake before each use.

  • Christy Maurer
    June 10, 2013

    Love that these are organic and earth friendly!

  • Ashley
    June 10, 2013

    I’ve (slowly) been switching to organic cleaners. I really like the sound of this one. Love the green factor 🙂

  • Katherine
    June 10, 2013

    That is really cool and I must say, your pictures are amazing!

  • Suzi Satterfield
    June 10, 2013

    I’ve been slowly making the change over to natural cleaners. This sounds like a great way to clean my veg!

  • Kero
    June 10, 2013

    This is a must check out for me because my boys are soo fruit addict and i can’t afford to buy organic fruits all the time! I am happy though I have an option to wash them with natural cleansers

  • Michele
    June 10, 2013

    Sounds like a plan!! And it would really be great for chicken!!!!

  • Corinne
    June 10, 2013

    These are great! I’ve been having a hard time finding organic berries where I am and we go through so many during the summer. I’m glad I’ll have a way to wash off all the chemicals so we can enjoy them.

  • Melinda Dunne
    June 10, 2013

    These sound like great products. I was just washing grapes (it seems they are never clean) and noticed some dirty water sitting in the bowl with them AFTER I washed them.

  • Lexie Lane
    June 10, 2013

    Oh I love this! I always get the veg wash from Trader Joe’s but don’t realize there’s anything like this! And for meat too!

  • MzBaker @ Daleville Alabama Kitchens
    June 10, 2013

    That looks like an awesome way to wash the fruits and veggies! I never knew there was anything like this, especially for meats!! Cool!

  • Shela
    June 11, 2013

    I always preferred organic stuff will definitely check this out!

  • Alaina Bullock
    June 12, 2013

    How neat! I had no idea these came as powders! I really like that they are organic and green! I My favorite would be that Veggie wash one! We are slowly but surely replacing everything we can with more eco-friendly alternatives, and this sounds like a great one to try!