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Paws to Click is a movement that supports restraining pets during travel just as we do adults and children. Bark Buckle UP® has proven that 98% of people neglect their pets’ safety. Every 18 minutes a car accident happens due to an unrestrained pet. The practical necessity for seat belts is no longer in question. Bergan and the ASPCA® have joined forces to ignite social awareness for the problem as well as the solution.



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The V9DT is the only answer to safe pet travel and the first of its kind. There are quite a few pet restraints but none of them are regulated and provide real protection to your pets. Bergan’s harnesses meet V9DT B2009.1. Pet Safety Durability Test ( The minimum durability thresholds are designed to ensure confidence that a harness will withstand forces generated from sudden stops while minimizing distractions from traveling pets. The complete harness system comes equipped with adjustable safety tether and two high-grade aluminum carabiners. The harness is durable but lightweight and comfortable.

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