How Pink Tried To Save Her Friend’s Life

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The career of pop artist Pink has gone from strength to strength, with incredible chart and lives success. But behind the scenes, Pink has led a difficult life, and has suffered loss at close quarters. Her best friend was one such example, and despite her later success, she was unable to help those closest to her to overcome their problems.

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 Pink, real name Alecia Moore, was brought up in Philadelphia. Her best friend was Stacey Coffey, and the two grew closer over a fondness for music and drug-taking in their adolescent years. This led eventually to both Pink and Coffey overdosing, although only one would survive this harrowing ordeal.

While Pink-artist left Philadelphia to pursue her international music career, Coffey was left behind, still caught in the grip of drugs and addiction. Coffey’s life dwindled as Pink’s life took off, and despite the fame and fortune Pink was powerless to wrestle her friend from the sway of illegal and harmful drugs.

Coffey’s father, Guy Landis, said that Pink was lucky that she was able to escape drug addiction, and said the story of his daughter reflected the dangers of messing with illegal substances. I first encountered this story from reading a post on the tale is retold with attention on how to reduce harm.

“Alecia is fortunate she got smart to it. She kept on working and had a goal from a young age. She had a gift and she went on the right road and got training and all that. Stacey just went down the wrong route. She was doing prescription pills — those pain pills that young people get into these days. She would get a job like a cashier at a restaurant and rip them off, it was a vicious cycle … in rehab they just put her on other medication. She just couldn’t stop.”

Both Pink and Coffey enjoyed a good childhood, with decent families and none of the poverty and hardship issues that so often factor in to stories of this kind. Both had loving families and support networks, but as free spirits chose to pursue their own paths.

How Pink Tried To Save Her Friend’s LifeImage source

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pink admitted she had had problems with drugs over her teenage years. “I was a hard-core partyer from 12 to 15. I was like a candy raver and I was on all the club drugs, selling Ecstasy and crystal meth and Special K.” But as Pink worked toward getting her music career off the ground, Coffey continued down the path of drug abuse that would eventually claim her life.

Toward the end of her life, Coffey met a disreputable local doctor who would go on to prescribe her with more damaging medications to feed her addiction problems. Despite pleas from close friends and family, including Pink herself, there was nothing that could be done to break this toxic relationship and get Coffey back on her feet.

While Pink managed to get her own life back on track, Coffey’s story is one that is reminiscent of so many others who have lives affected by drugs. For the next generation, this sad story should serve as a cautionary tale against getting involved with drugs and toxic substances.

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  • Lexie Lane
    July 22, 2013

    I feel that in a way drugs is almost a disease. I have a very close loved one who was deeply affected by drugs and had to do a decade of his life in prison because of it. It is no joke how devastating the effects of it are. I think it is one of the greatest fears and challenges that parents go through, having to make sure they mould their kids right so they don’t have to feel that drugs are an option for anything. This is so sad.