5 Projects to Complete During the Autumn Months

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Fall is a beautiful time of year. Although the weather is getting cooler, it’s usually the perfect temperature to be outside. This means that fall also the perfect time to work on home maintenance before winter has a chance to turn small problems into big ones. Here are some great fall projects that will keep your home safe and secure for the winter and for years to come.

5 Projects to Complete During the Autumn Months

Get Your Home Inspected

5 Projects to Complete During the Autumn Months Image via Flickr by Editor B

If you really want to discover what’s wrong with your home, consider starting your fall home improvement projects by hiring a home inspector. This is something few homeowners do, but is also something that can pay off immeasurably. Home inspectors are trained to find little problems before they become big ones. A home inspector can bring your attention to problems with the roof, furnace, siding, mold, and more. These problems are inexpensive if caught early, but can lead to major problems later.


Clean Out the Gutters

If your home has gutters, fall is the perfect time to clean them. During the winter, gutters can collect a mixture of frozen leaves, water, and muck that can cause serious roof problems in the cold. Additionally, clogged gutters in the spring can overflow once the snow melts and the spring rains start. This can cause your home serious water damage.


Ensure Your Fireplace is Ready

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Fireplaces are cozy during the winter months. However, if your fireplace isn’t ready for the season, it can quickly become a fire hazard. Bird nests, leaves and other natural debris gather in chimneys. When you combine this natural debris with a chimney caked with soot from all the fires held last season, you can see why many home fires start in the chimneys.


Winterize Your Home

Winterizing your house includes sealing widows and insulating pipes. Fortunately, today, they make pre-fitted insulation to wrap around your pipes. This make insulating them a relatively easy job. Sealing your windows to protect against draft and heat loss is another minor repair that will pay off big. The savings will be reflected in your energy bill, and they can also even be reflected in your homeowner’s insurance premiums, depending on the deal you cut, with the insurance company, luckily there are services to help you make those negotiations and get you the best prices as InsurancePartnership.org.


Inspect and Repair Your Front Walkway

Inspect and Repair Your Front WalkwayImage via Flickr by jollyUK

If your house has a front walkway, then it needs to be kept in good condition. I you already have a concrete path, fall is the best time to inspect and fix it. Freezing water can turn those hairline cracks into huge fractures. However, fixing them in the fall is easy.

If your path is actually made of gravel, consider replacing it with a low-cost building alternative, such a brick. A brick path is easy to clear in the winter. In contrast, gravel can turn into frozen mud or slush. Having a brick or stone path will help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

With its cool and relatively comfortable weather, fall is the ideal time for home improvement projects. What other home improvement and maintenance projects do you have lined up for when this season rolls around again?


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