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Hamden Connecticut is a picturesque New England town of about 60,000 people located near to New Haven. It offers a superb quality of life, and was ranked in the top 100 of the small cities to live in by CNN Money. If you’re looking for a vibrant community with a perfect mix of small-town hospitality, stunning New England scenery and economic prosperity, then Hamden has to be on your list of places to look at.

Hamden was originally settled by Puritans after it was purchased from the local Quinnipiac tribe in 1638. It was part of New Haven until 1786, when it became a separate town. The area was home to a number of settlements, and these remain distinct today, giving Hamden a village-like atmosphere with all of the attractions you would expect from a small city – it’s the best of both worlds. Apartments in Hamden CT offer many amenities, and are a great way to set up shop when you first move there.

Hamden, CT
The town is known as “The Land of the Sleeping Giant”, after Sleeping Giant, a mountain in South Central Connecticut that lies at the heart of Sleeping Giant State Park. This is one of the first places you want to visit when you go to Hamden. Standing on top of the mountain you have a spectacular panoramic view across New Haven County and parts of adjacent Hertford County, as well as across Long Island Sound. The park offers hiking, horseback riding, birdwatching and fishing in the summer, along with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Another place to check out is the Eli Whitney Museum, which provides hands-on projects for visitors, focused on industrial design and invention. The building used to be an armory, which Whitney built at the end of the 18th century to manufacture muskets for the US government. The factory itself was a prime example of advanced manufacturing which began in the American Industrial Revolution, and featured such advanced technologies as water-powered machinery and parts which could be freely interchanged, making it easy to maintain the factory equipment. Whitney was a prolific inventor in his day, and is best known for the invention of the cotton gin, a machine that removed seeds from cotton fibers. This invention replaced a laborious manual process, dramatically improving productivity.

Hamden, CT

If long walks are your thing, then take a look at the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, which is an 80 mile trail that passes close by Hamden. The trail follows the path of the Farmington Canal, and is built on a former rail bed that paralleled the waterway. Some parts of the canal still exist, and you can see lock houses, locks and retaining walls as you walk along the trail.

If you do have children, then Hamden is well-known for its strong education system. Aside from a range of great high schools, Hamden is home to Quinnipiac University, which has won awards for its innovative approach to academics. Hamden is also close to Yale University, one of the top-ranking Ivy League universities in the country.

Why not take a trip to Hamden and look it over? It’s a great place to bring up a family.

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