Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

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When preparing for the Cisco CCNA test, remember that passing the examination is only the beginning. The curriculum for certification will give you a basis from which to attain more advanced Cisco certifications.

Don’t look at the examination as a huge tower to climb, but a mere step towards the top. Have a “can-do” attitude, and you CAN do it!

Cisco recommends taking the related courses, Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 and Part II, v 1.0 courses. To find various classes, use the search engine of your preference and type in the ICND course for which you are searching. Some companies even offer gift certificates as incentive to choose their particular courses.

Different certification courses are tailored to meet specific learning requirements and styles. The requirements to pass these Cisco certification exams are the same, no matter which company’s course you choose; the important thing is to find a course whose teaching style speaks to you individually and meets your learning needs.

Exam hopefuls should be aware that certain exam tracks have expiration dates, and should train for whichever one will be current and accepted at the time they are ready to be examined. Different exams over the same basic area of knowledge may also have different prerequisite experiences, so make note of these, as well.

Tools for exam preparation include video mentors, network simulators, flash cards, and quick reference sheets from Examtrace.

If you have availed yourself fully of these various aides in preparing for the Cisco CCNA exam, you can be confident that you are ready and know what you need to know, and that your exam sitting fee is well-spent.

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