Hearing Awareness: The Sweetest Sounds of the UK

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What is your favorite sound?

Mine, is the sounds of my boys laughing and saying “mom”. There is nothing sweeter than hearing their voices.

Even though I am a mother I have never really heard, or paid any attention to, Hearing Awareness. In the UK Hearing Awareness Month falls on September, while here in the US it is on October, but it is an ongoing thing. I can still recall not being allowed to take my boys home until they had their hearing test but I really didn’t understand what it would have meant for them to fail such test. Luckily they passed with flying colors, now they just choose to tune me out. But not every one is that lucky.

Most Loved Sounds - Hidden Hearing Infographic
Most Loved Sounds Provided by Hidden Hearing

Could you imagine your world without any sounds?

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