The Future For The ” Made In England “

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Vauxhall Motors, a British manufacturing company that sells passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, decided to celebrate its 110th anniversary with the creation of a fashion film. The movie is directed by Katy England, one of the leading stylists of today’s fashion, famous for working with Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss and Tom Ford. Also the film it is the first in a new series called Vauxhall Presents, which sees the brand team up with illustrious figures from fashion, art and design.

Made in EnglandThe new creation, commissioned by Vauxhall, brings to the public the thrill of driving and observing the world around the car. A mysterious man, driving the award-winning electric Vauxhall Ampera through countryside and urban cityscapes, gets to notice different youth tribes that define the British fashion and culture.

The man encounters first a lonely, perhaps a lost kid, in the middle of the road. After that, he gets to help a young boy, that’s running from a group of guys riding BMX bikes, a group that feels so authentic, because of their free spirit in riding those bikes and being dressed like the real average guys on England’s streets. Later, the driver meets 2 provincial girls who are getting ready for a night in the city, being so happy and excited about what the night is going to bring. The last group he sees is one of club kids, products of the modern age, with mixed up looks that express their strong and colorful personalities.

The low, natural light sets the perfect atmosphere for the movie; it brings the comfort and the calm spirit of being alone in the car, listening to music and observing the world around. The realness of the characters, their choices of clothes and the way they act, shows the spirit, the youth nowadays has. The movie is all spiced up with eclectic ideas and motions that make it so different from what we are used to see in the videos that primarily center on a car.

The work of a great director, that has a loud past and surely a louder future, all supported by Vauxhall, a company with history, make this film a successful representation of the today’s world, through fashionable and special young people with different styles.

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