Serenity and Silence in Khao Lak

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 Serenity and Silence in Khao Lak

Forget all about a holiday in Phuket. Head 1.5 hours outside of the tourist hot spot for a part of Thailand that’s largely untainted by tourism – Khao Lak. It’s what Phuket could have been like, had it remained a serene backwater. There are large swathes of powder white sand, bending palm trees, cerulean blue water, and minimal crowds, as far as the eye can see.

Affordable Luxe Resorts

Those on Khao Lak holidays will find an assortment of reasonably-priced and luxurious resorts, no matter the budget constraints. For a fraction of the price of hotels back home, you can enjoy poolside rooms, strikingly modern venues and stunning views. Spa hotels offering traditional Thai massage abound in this part of the country, so you can enjoy a thoroughly escapist break in the shade of the palm trees.

Traditional and Tantalizing Food

Take the time to discover authentic food in Khao Lak and you won’t be disappointed. Head to Jai, a clunky and kitsch tin-roofed diner serving excellent fare like moo kua gling, a minced pork dish flavoured with yellow curry paste and aromatic galangal. Alternatively, check out the eclectic range of eats at the night market near Bang Niang beach or the barbecue-style restaurants on the seafront, serving beautifully fresh jumbo shrimp.

The Best Way is By Bike

The best way to see this sleepy town is by bike. You can take a route past a rubber tree plantation and watch the trees get tapped for their yield. You can also spy on farmers giving their buffalos a dip in a lake, or pick ripe pineapples straight from the tree. There’s even a lush rainforest with secret waterfalls dotted through it that’s perfect for a wander.

In addition, there are plenty of overgrown and little-used mountain trails that call out for exploration in Khao Lak. So for serenity and silence in a hectic country, you can’t go wrong with a little me-time in Khao Lak.

Serenity and Silence in Khao Lak

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