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Tiny Love Portable Bouncer #Giveaway

Tiny Love has done it once more: it has won my heart time and time again. With every product they launch I can’t help but wish I would have been able to get my hands on them 6 years ago. But oh, well. At least moms nowadays can indulge in these amazing products. Today I want to introduce you to the most amazing portable bouncer: the Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer.

Tiny Love: Portable BouncerYou might think: hey, a bouncer is a bouncer, right? Well, have you ever tried to take a baby bouncer to, say, grandma’s house or to the park? How about putting the bouncer in the trunk of a compact car? Yeah, didn’t think so. See, J., now 4, loved his baby bouncer. At one point he would sit there and bounce up and down with the biggest and brightest smile ever. I just couldn’t take that darn bouncer anywhere with me because I just couldn’t fold it. It was either take the boys with me or take the bouncer, which beats the purpose, right?  That is the exact reason why the Take-Along Bouncer is so amazing: you can fold it!

Tiny Love - Portable Bouncer


Tiny Love Portable Bouncer

To begin with, the colors are bright, neutral, and modern. This bouncer would have matched my boys’ car seat to a T (not that I am all matchy-matchy, but it would have been aesthetically awesome).

Tiny Love - Portable BouncerTiny Love - Portable BouncerThe bouncer features a two point closure to keep baby safely secure without being overbearing. Still, you can trust that your baby will not magically slide off the bouncer.

It also features rubber-like grips to make sure that the bouncer will not bounce about your house as your little one is enjoying some good bouncing time. Seeing a baby moving a bouncer around my house as s/he bounces up and down is not something I would never want to see. Talk about a heart attack!

I have a few rules when I am shopping, either for clothes or anything made with fabric: if said item needs to be dry cleaned it immediately goes back on the rack (same, if it needs to be ironed). I just don’t need the extra expense that comes with dry cleaning. So, when I find something that is machine washable I am more than overjoyed. And lets face it…babies are messy!

Tiny Love - Portable Bouncer Tiny Love - Portable Bouncer Tiny Love - Portable Bouncer  Thankfully the bouncer’s cover can be easily removed and then even easier tossed and washed in your washer. Phew! Imagine having to send the cover to the dry cleaners every time you fed your baby carrots…yeah, not happening. Babies are messy and messy is fun for them!

Tiny Love - Portable BouncerTiny Love - Portable Bouncer When dealing with babies you need things to be done fast and easy. There is relatively no time, or sanity left, to sit down and fight with any piece of baby gear to get it to do what it is supposed to. Time and time again I have fought my umbrella stroller because it just won’t close or it would get jammed or the front tire decided to be moody that day. Thankfully there is no fuss when dealing with the Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer: it is so easy to close: simply press he red button on the back-bottom as you twist the lock on the back of the bouncer and close it (as if you were folding a sandwich).

Tiny Love - Portable Bouncer Tiny Love has done it yet again with the Take-Along Bouncer. And today is your chance to win your very own portable bouncer!


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Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer



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7th January 2014

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    I would love the 3 n 1 Rocker napper, its adorable.

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    This bouncer looks fantastic! I’d also love to try their 3-in-1 Rocker Napper- I’ve heard great things about it.

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    I also really like the Starry Night Mobile Soother Nightlight.


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    Visited and I really like the Soothe N Groove mobile.

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    I like Follow Me Fred. He’s cute and reminds me of a slinky. :)

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    I like the Gymini Developlace for my little grandson.

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    I like Follow Me Fred from Tiny Love

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    Love the take along bouncer!

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    I’d love the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper for my fourth baby due next month

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    I love their 3-in-1 rocker!

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    I love love LOVE the gymini developlace!!!

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    something you liked, learned or want? Besides wanting the bouncer, I love the starry night mobile soother night light.

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    I was reviewing the tiny tips for a 2 month old as my daughter is 2 months old today.

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