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It can’t quite be called ‘crawling’ since a) he is not crawling, and b) he did not get to that position by his own (Ty helped him)….but he has a good ‘crawling stand’? It was quite funny…well, his gestures and him trying to play with the rubber duck (which he loves)…I took a picture of him…or was it Ty?? It was Ty’s photo, I correct myself…you just have to look at it and laugh (I insist, this picture will haunt Alexander for the rest of his life! It’s quite cute I must say)

Make sure to click on the picture to see it better…! What do you think, huh? And here’s another photo taken from the side lines…take note of the hands…

I think he was staring his duck down…take note of the drool!! Hehehehe….and last but not least…Mister Silly a.k.a. Alexander hanging upside down…



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