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Before the Despicable Me movies came out both my boys cared only for CARS. It all started when A. got a Lightning McQueen and Mater cake on his 3rd birthday. Soon all the character cars came into our lives. Later down the road, it came as no surprise when the boys found a CARS poster at Value Village and they just had to have it!

Favorite MoviesOf course we got it, A. even got to pay for it, which made this poster even more special! Plus it has all the characters they love, cannot say no to that! As soon as we came home it went up their wall. First with simple painter’s tape. But, boys being boys, the poster “fell” and it had to be put back on the wall with tacks. Few months went by with no problems. But it happened again: this time both my boys came to me, poster in hand, because the poster somehow fell. Yeah, right.

I went on the internet to find a better way to display their poster. Yeah, I still cannot believe I did not think of getting movie poster frames from the get go. Big mommy oops right then and there! But now their posters can be safely displayed, with no wholes or torn edges, thanks to the frame. And my walls are happy about this too (no sticky tape residue or tack wholes left behind)!  And then it hit me: I have a world map that is too heavy to put up on the wall with tape/tacks solely. Poster Frame!!

One of these days I will have my very own theatre room at home and will decorate with movie posters. Of course we will have Cars and Despicable Me up on our walls. And a Bourne Supremacy poster…and I might end up needing more walls to put display all my favorite movies ‘ posters!


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