Planning a Wedding: The Facts [Infographic]

There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding, and it’s often the little details that require the most discussion. After all, few of your guests will actually be that concerned with where you and your new spouse head off on honeymoon – the music the DJ plays at the reception, however, is the kind of thing which leaves a lasting impression. The minor details make a difference.

Of course, a wedding should be unique and personal to the two of you, for that’s what makes it special, but as you plan your perfect day it’s always useful to have some advice. And who better to provide that advice, than couples who have been through the experience?

Browse through this infographic from Berketex Bride to get an idea of some fabulous wedding facts. The most commonly requested wedding gifts? Surprisingly, 19% of newlyweds asked for nothing at all, while 3% donated their gifts to charity (we like this at the Green Bride Guide). If you’re apprehensive about the ceremony, a word of caution – a single glass is the most you should have to drink before exchanging vows.

And back to that playlist – the ideal number of songs for a three-hour reception is 52. Little details, see?


berketex bridesberketex bridesberketex bridesberketex bridesberketex bridesberketex bridesAn infographic brought to you by Berketex Bride
  • Nova S
    March 28, 2014

    you must be right, honestly i haven’t experienced this wedding planning as we only have a civil wedding with my husband family in the USA, but we do want to renew our vows and would definitely have a reception and church wedding so i would say i’ll definitely going to borrow the infographics for some tips.

  • jheylo
    March 29, 2014

    The most awaited day for couple but planning a wedding can be stressful too if you decide to do it yourself. I would suggest to hire a wedding planner 🙂

  • Chubskulit Rose
    March 29, 2014

    I agree, planning a wedding comes with an amount of stress. There are so much to pay attention to, to consider, and not to mention, the expenses.

  • Holly @ Woman Tribune
    April 5, 2014

    I have just started planning my wedding after being engaged a whole two years without ever even choosing a date. I’m having visions of that movie, the 5-Year Engagement. I cannot believe how much money most people pay for their weddings. That is the thing that has really thrown me for a loop.